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Colours of the Corporation

So part 3 of our Corporation week and the guys from Golem and Ninjabread have sent us this collection of potential colour schemes for the Corporation Marines. These are only a selection, in all the lads sent us about 25, 26 different variants.




But which is you favourite? Comments below please people!

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49 Responses

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  1. steeldragon says

    I prefer the White/Red one. Very distinctive

  2. Aleister Burgun says

    My favourites are Cotp-20 or No. 3. & Corp-24 or No. 1.

  3. Dan says

    I really like corp-24 and corp- 22, the colours just seem to work quite well. Not a fan of the white and red one though.

  4. Forest Ramsey says

    I like Corp 20 or Corp 24 best.

    I like the red cloth, but think it would look better with a darker armor over it.

  5. Hampus Norlander says

    Yeah. they’re nice, but i prefer Corp 22 better.

  6. Edward says

    I don’t like the ones with white parts, but I can imagine any of the others working out nicely.

  7. Summoning says

    My fav’s are Corp 20 & 22.

  8. Hofferber says

    the corp 20 and 24…

  9. Spacker says

    08 by far calls to me. It’s bright enough to sit nicely with the other Warpath races, has a good contrast with the orange, and blue shades to draw the eye, but the grey and black leaves it subtle enough to be passably realistic.

    Alternatively, 09 for a christmas setting ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Giovanni Sebastiano says

    I vote for corp 17,20 and 24!

  11. Ludo says


  12. consectari says

    As is, 22 is probably my favorite. Colorful without being too bright. 17 is pretty good, too.

    08 would be the winner hands down if the colors were toned down. As it is, they’re just too bright.

  13. Patrick says

    The pink goggles with the red fatigues is cute.

  14. Pete McF says

    Dammit, but I’m a sucker for the white and black of 24, but what would it look like if you swapped them, so you had white armour on a black body suit (or is that too Stormtrooper-y?)

  15. Andy says

    It’s 20 or 4 for me. The red looks a bit too 70s TV sci fi show for me!

  16. Colmo says

    It’s easier to say which I don’t like, Corp 09. Bright red uniforms are the equivalent of carrying a banner saying “Shoot me”.

  17. Mark Smith says

    20 and 24 look best to me, either would work great as the official scheme, although I’m leaning towards 20 a little more.. the monotone scheme really makes them look cold and detached, and I can see the high contrast working well in photos and on the tabletop. 24 could use a little more black or darker grey on the guns or hat/straps/gloves/boots

    22 has potential, not sure if there’s too many different colours going on for it to work out.

    Some further experiments with greys, reds and browns might be worth a try, along with playing around with the goggle colours on existing schemes (which will really set the tone of the model.. green will suggest high-tech heads-up display/night vision, red for extra evilness, black for plain goggles, blue for a glassy look).

    Oh, and 09 looks like he’s come to deliver me cupcakes. So adorable! :)

  18. Mark Smith says

    Woops, typo.. replace “20” in the previous comment with “24” and vice-versa.

  19. Alex says

    Corp 20 or 22 would be nice, but 20 is my favorite.

  20. Jonathon Corey says

    kinda leaning to 09…reminds me of my early GI Joe stuff for some reason…

  21. Zach says

    Corp 24. Different to the other colour schemes for the stuff so far.

  22. Chris says

    I think 20 and 24 are the best ones.

  23. Frontline Gamer says

    20 and 24.

  24. Insane_Prophet says

    20 and 24 are my favourites.

    09 is interesting being very bold, but it makes for a much more “pulpy” look, which I’m not sure would fit in with the Warpath “look” as it appears to me (at the moment).

  25. Cyborg Trucker says

    I like them all but the red/white one looks like a uniform worn when on a starship or in a city where camo isn’t used. Kind of a combat formal BDU.

  26. Mark Yap says

    I like the black and white uniform. Plain awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Stewart says

    Definitely 20 for me.

  28. Darsc Zacal says

    22 and 24 for me. Depends on whether I’m feeling like modeling a snow planet or one with a lot of foilage.

  29. Darsc Zacal says

    22 and 24 for me. Depends on whether I’m feeling like modeling a snow planet or one with a lot of foilage. I could also see 20 being used for urban city fighting. The Corporation to me seems like they are big and powerful enough to have several different official uniforms for the different environments they’d be fighting in.

  30. Jason Martin says

    I like 20 best and then 24, definetly dont like 8.

  31. Poosh says

    The two top ones. 24, 22.

  32. Rod Millard says

    Well, I’m already painting my counts-as corporation in something similar to corp-20. I would probably use corp 22 for rangers though.

  33. Logan says

    I like 17.

  34. Joshua Mann says

    I like the red and white on corp 09. Reminds me of the uniforms from an old PC game called XCom 3.

  35. j says

    For me I like the most is no. 24 color scheme.

  36. bj says

    Black and white

  37. Terry says

    EVERYBODY does color schemes like 20 and 24, go for something a lil more different, id actually say #9 and #8 are the best, maybe tone down the color on #8 and that would be the winner. Remember, you are trying to make an impression…and “urban” camo is just BORING.

  38. Tom says

    yea id say #8 is the best although i would make a slight change to the colour of orange

  39. Robert says

    The red scheme made me think of the X-Wing Fighter Pilots from Star Wars – OK, they were orange… but…

  40. Cylde says

    24 and 8. Maybe 9 chanching the colors

  41. Ulf says

    I’d have to say 08 and 22, I can also understand no 20, but I find it a bit dull, it’s going to produce an army that does not photograph that well.

  42. Jason McFarland says

    08 for sure. 20 is boring.

  43. jeff says

    24 . No doubt at all.

  44. Luke says

    Corp 9 then 8. They would stand out best on the tabletop

  45. Eric says

    Yes. 24. It has to be; none of the other variants express the Corporation’s monotonous nature better (in a good way).

  46. Jimmie says

    I’m lost on Corp 9, just cause it is so much 70’s sci-fi. Hate the fact that all my armies turns out so bright in colors, but I think I gonna go for that one if i get my hands on those guys.

  47. Leigh Woosey says

    I like 20 and 09, but 22 is probably a good bet for table-top presence in photos, etc.

    The thing I like about the corporation is that they are big spacey capitalist companies. The soldiers are doing a McJob, only their lives are on the line. I reckon the corporate big wigs would be all about a brand image and make the grunts fight wearing their company colours even though it’s rubbish camouflage, the same logo that makes consumer spaceships and inter-stellar coffee as their squad patch.

    I Imagine the McGrunts know this and hate it, ironically painting “I’m lovin’ this” or “Enjoy!” across their helmets and gun barrels in protest. Whenever the Duty-Sergeant isn’t looking they desperately try to find something that obscures their cheery-red-and-yellow or minty-fresh-green-and-white body armour.

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