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Concepting the Veer-myn

The Veer-myn models all started life as concept art before they hit Remy’s desk and we’ve posted up a gallery of all of Roberto’s work on the Veer-myn on the website.





Please leave us your comments below and, whilst you’re at it, check out our teaser on Facebook as to what’s coming over the next couple of days!

Posted in Concept Sketches, Veer-myn.

3 Responses

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  1. Minitrol says

    Who is the concept artist by the way, I love their clean lines!

  2. Joshua Mann says

    We have more photos of space faring rat people! That is awesome. I love those photos. I like the hand held drills. Maybe you could call them “drill swords.”

  3. David Symonds says

    Am I the only one tempted to print these off and have Veer-myn colouring in pages?