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Mantic is here to make fantasy model soldiers. It has been created to bring together the best sculptors, artists and writers from around the world to produce fantastic models that are a pleasure to collect, paint and game with.

My name is Ronnie and I am the founder of Mantic. The company exists because, first and foremost, I love fantasy figures – I’ve played with them since I was a young lad and I still do. I’ve worked in the industry for all my life and this is my dream.

For me, great model soldiers are about enjoyment. They are a place where valour and magic come to life. Acts of selfless heroism, or dastardly evil, can be enacted producing memories that last a lifetime. Painting your armies creates a bond with those troops and seeing a wonderfully painted and modelled force on the gaming table is an awe-inspiring sight. To get those hair-raising moments you need not only a fantastic sculptor to create the models, you need a writer and an illustrator to weave the world around them and bring the figures to life.

During the last two decades I have met and worked with many of the greatest fantasy sculptors, writers and illustrators in the world and it is with them that I shall be building Mantic. I always dreamed of huge armies, and battlefields filed with great numbers of troops and massed units (I played one of these games once, but that’s for another blog!) and that is my vision for Mantic. We are going to support each range we release with plastic sets to allow the dream of building huge ranks of troops to become a reality.

This blog will catalogue the Mantic journey; introducing you to the people I work with and the world we are creating. Enjoy.

Ronnie Renton


  1. Raffaele Martinelli June 23, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Way to go mate,

    I am eager for your stuff ;))))


  2. Grats Ronnie .. Grats. I wish you guys luck.

  3. ffs just stumbled upon this by dunno what. i guess i understand you just too well – so all the best and make it come good.


  4. Great work fellas! Do it to it!!!

  5. Ronnie, I love the look of the site, not to mention the miniatures. The countdown clock is great fun!

  6. Congratulations Ronnie,
    Celtic Cross anxiously awaits the coming of the Elves!

  7. The prices are right, the models look good and i look forword to viewing your website when it comes up to find out more about your plans for the future. Finally it looks like there’s a company with the potential to slap GW back down to earth. I wish your company every success.

  8. Two years later… look how far you’ve come already!

  9. Happy anniversary!

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