Elves, thousands of them!

For me the finest moment of any war game (except the point when your opponent runs screaming from the room having been soundly beaten!) is just before it all starts…

You get down to the table edge, and look over your army. The scenery is laid out and your enemy has deployed in the distance…and just for a moment you feel like you are there. All the time spent painting that last unit, making the scenery, adding baggage carts and destroyed outposts (ok, that may just be me!) becomes worth it, because for one fleeting second you are the king, and that is your army. I always found that moment was even more magical when you believed you were looking over at an Orc horde, gathered to smash and kill, with your Elf host set to defend against the marauding mob.

I have attached a picture of what I mean, but this is a skirmish. When we have our 28mm troops I’ll get some real battle shots, with castles and massed armies!


…and it is those moments we are going to try and recreate at Mantic. Our prices will allow you to collect huge forces, with loads of troops in big units. The models will go together easily to allow you to get them assembled and painted quickly, and for a second, but all too fleetingly, you get to believe you are there, leading them into battle!

Ronnie Renton


  1. What is that one elf doing with his shield? It looks a little weird.

    Overall they look pretty good, Kudos. Though I’d like to see bigger, closer pics.

  2. they look promising but i can barely make out any details, really need close up clear pictures of them. can’t wait to see more.

    • Our freshly painted 28mm Elves will be going of to the photographer today and hopefully soon we will be able to bring some great looking pictures!

  3. I hope the odd shield guy can me modified to be leaning on his shield at rest. Cant see what you were aiming for otherwise.

  4. God to see another British company stepping up to the mark with what looks to be a good concept and excellent figures. I’m glad to see that they aren’t just clones of what the ‘Boys from Nottingham’ are producing.

    I couldn’t quite make out on the video what ranges you plan after the Elves. I assume that there will be opponents for them?

    Will you be publishing your own rules or are you going to concentrate on the figures first and foremost?

    Well done lads,

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