Gen Con. There and back again.

We took a few samples to Gen Con this week, and the quality of the miniatures, the storage cases and the prices excited everyone. Congratulations to the winners of the Mantic prize raffle, and the Mantic prizes in the Gencon Charity auction. The winners walked away with signed artworks by Stef Kopinski, messenger carrier bags and a 3-up Elf spearman as top prize.

And thank you to those who placed an advance order, we will have it in the post to you as soon as we have the finished warhost in the mail order office.

I also got interviewed by John Price from The Screaming Alpha and it can be watched on YouTube.

We have the photographer coming in over the next couple of days, so very soon we will be able to show you some photos of the freshly painted 28mm figures. They look great and I can’t wait to share them with you here on the blog.


Ronnie Renton


  1. Nice, I really like the packaging system you’ve worked out there.

    Can you tell me what you said at about the 4:00 minute mark in the video. I hear “we’re going to support the elves — — —”

    I can’t make out the rest clearly, something about plastic and metal.

  2. Hey, I picked up some free Elves and was very impressed by them. So, the idea is that folks can use your miniatures to play a variety of fantasy games? I really like that they’re plastic too, so please keep that going. Metal is tough to model with. Hope to hear more from you guys soon!

  3. Looking great guys – and I heard at the end about undead! I might (and by might I mean I will) pick up elves and undead.

    Are you thinking about rules? and if so when are those coming out? Will there be trial rules in the sets?

  4. I realy want to buy a lot of these but without a rules set I just cant justify the painting time ( due to your price scale, cost is not a problem). Release a rules set and i am sure you will sell a lot more. Having said that you will sell lots to the GW players

  5. Those casualties would be excellent markers for the fantasy version of impetus or any game that uses single base units.

  6. I was also wondering about a rules system.the models look fantastic, and seeing the prices, I had to get my wife to confirm what I was seeing. Throw in a quickstart rules and stat card with each box, and I think this could be huge

  7. If you’re looking for a game system…I might be able to help…

  8. Wait, wait, wait.

    No rules?

    I’ve checked the models at our gaming store/club and discussed it with some people there. All hardened Warhammer players like myself. The models look great, a bit to flimsy we thought, but great.

    But what is your general idea then? That people will use it as proxy for other games? I thought that what the low cost you’d going for those players who find GW’s prices to insane.

    Hope to get some answers 🙂


  9. Hi Guys,
    I know that you moderate this before it goes out so can you please ensure that it does’nt as I have inserted my details in it….

    With regards to a Rule system, I have an absolutly cracking game system very much geared up for a simple and fast game. I have some pretty good inovations that I have not seen in any other game and would like to demo them for you where ever you are (I’m in north London).

    If you already have a game then let me know so I can follow another path and leave you alone or please call me on xxxx xxx xxxx or email me (see above in required field).

    Best Regards
    PS Great figures, can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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