Me and my Buddies want a word with you…

Over the past 2 weeks the actual, real, finished plastic sprues have arrived at the office.

So far we have only been able to show photos of 3 ups, and a couple of single models…

…but Mantic Games is all about battles, and big battles at that! We want them fought with huge armies on both sides; we want battles that inspire awe, amazement and perhaps even envy! We will provide quality plastics at a price that allows those dreams to become a reality.

To date, I have not been able to put up a picture that shows what I mean…but we keep getting closer. This photo still isn’t one of a huge battle, but it is the first showing of a unit of Mantic Elves…

The website will go live next week and there will be a lot more photos and information there.  If you have signed up for the newsletter we will send  you a note when it goes live. Alternatively, check it out when the clock hits zero!



Ronnie Renton


  1. Looking good, a lot of extra little details we haven’t seen before, like the swords on the back, or the wolf!

    It’s also nice to see the command group – but I don’t see anything that looks like a musician in there, will there be an option for them?

  2. The single minis looked very good, but when put in a regiment they look really awesome.

    Looking forward to the launch of the website!

  3. The armor looks great, but the spears look like a pointy, uncircumcised penis.

  4. They look great, I´m looking forward to start an army project as soon as I get the minis.

  5. Very NICE. Like what I see so far, please speed up time and get the website started up. Oh and whats with the Cat? I know that casualties were planned on the spruce but pets, too?

    When you do Dwarves, there pet will have to be a nice slow turtle.

  6. I love the look of the Elves very much…however…I will be adding a longer leaner meaner spear point…& a bit at the other like a Spartan Spear…

    Will there be Mounted? What about riding Giant Cheetah’s…big enough to carry a man but still looking like a sleak fast cat…just a thought, one among many that gets let out now and then…


  7. Fantastic looking elves. You have of course got to do a dragon for them. What of the future? I’ve heard about undead. Are there going to be orcs, demons, beastmen, ogres and all the other common fantasy races planned for the next few years along with one you plan to create yourselves?

  8. I like them,i will buy a box when they go on sale, but I think the head is too big and they are too thin despite being elves.
    The pictures look better.


  9. I look forward to these models, and I hope you can create quite the foundation for yourselves to produce more.

    The models themselves and the styles are very characterful, and quite well represented. My only beef is the spears look a little goofy, but hey can’t everything.

    I see a lot of people using these in their warhammer games. I plan on having them face off against my 28mm Romans 😉

  10. Further Armys planned?

    Regards from “Germany”,


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