…and the world shall fear the Elves once more…

The website is up.

Please go and have a look at it: www.manticgames.com ,and let me know your thoughts.

Over the next few weeks we will be putting more pictures, downloads and products on the site. If you have signed up, the newsletter will keep you up to date with the big additions.

The good news is that the blog can now just concentrate on the good stuff…gossip, rumour and sneak peeks (pretty much what it has been doing so far, I suppose!)

Thank you for your comments so far, please keep putting them up, and popping back here for the inside story.


Ronnie Renton


  1. Hi, don’t mean to be off topic , but can you please tell me how to register to post on the Forums at the website? Do you have to order something first to create an account and then you can post? I tried a couple of things to register to post but nothing worked. Thank you

    • You don’t have to order anything, but just register using the same system, and remember to be logged in. Will try to talk with the developers if we can make it more user friendly.

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