Full Metal Jacket.

We always intended to support our plastic launches with Heroes, made in metal and resin. These will add character, colour and individualitly to every army.

This is a couple photos of Prince Nuadalor.

He is the leader of an Elven army, supported by his brother, Prince Alosthen, leading the bowmen unit and their cousin, Lord Thanos, leading the scouts. The photos of the other two will be up on the site next week.

We have created a launch offer, Prince Nuadalor’s Cohort, which includes 2 Warhosts and the three Heroes. Find more at www.manticgames.com.



Ronnie Renton


  1. Will these be available separately or only in the package deals?

    • Hi,
      We will release them as a single set, with just the three miniatures, through the Independent hobby accounts, and individually via mail order, but not for a month or so. We are letting the cohort have them early.



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