Two new stories today…

Maelstrom Games have been very busy recently building a huge gaming area on top of their store. We went down a few weeks ago and it looks amazing. So we instantly decided we need to have an event there to celebrate all things Mantic. It is going to be on the 7th of November and we will bring some 3-ups, a painted army, prizes to give away, and more.

The Bowmen arrive…
In a couple of weeks the Elven Bowmen will go on sale (and no Elven army is complete without Archers!), we have had Studio McVey paint one of the Bowmen for us, i thought you would appreciate the first look…




Ronnie Renton


  1. I’m no elf lover but these do look interesting. i recently got a free scout sprue which seemed good, but the arm options meant i had to assemble them with sword in one hand and bow in the other!

    Now i see these bow men and they have bow in on hand and shield in the other.

    These seem like odd combinations? can you build the archers without the shields and in fighting and resting poses?

  2. Is it possible to get some larger pictures? I imagine the paint job by Studio McVey looks awesome but we can’t tell from such a small image.

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