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We’ve just received some work in progress shots from Gary Morley of the greens of the Elven horses and thought we’d give you blogsters a sneaky preview. These will be available in our forthcoming cavalry set and will feature riders with lance options, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the blog and the newsletter, more Elves are on the horizon.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.



Ronnie Renton


  1. it´s cool, maybe a little more detailed armor and would be even more awesome .

  2. Very clean, very neat, very static…will the next one be more dynamic?

    I quite like the lack of detail on it as it will allow me to be creative with the paint-job and heraldry. I do get fed up with overly detailed mini’s that look a little OTT…kinda like seeing the wood for the trees thing…

    Now, show me the Rider!


  3. Are these metal or plastic?

  4. I agree, way too static. That miniature’s design looks 15 years old. Needs to have longer legs, a more heroic pose, and some sharper detail. But I do like the barding without the detail, will leave room for painting creativity.

  5. oh guys..

    metal = high price to customer/ only a few cavalry in my army xD

    i understand is too expensive making plastic sprues but i would like buying a cavalry box with 10 units…maybe in a near future 🙂

    And i agree with you guys, a more dynamic pose would be better i think

  6. Nice horse but slightly disappointed to find out they’ll be metal. I hope you’ll be able to price them so that I can afford a nice big unit.

    I hope the styling will be more “Drake Prince” than “Argent Knight” if you take my meaning.

    Will they be packed in the same way as the plastics or will they be blisters or something?

  7. I quite like the static pose actually, love the clean look without the overabundance (spelled right?) of detail and will get a at least a small unit of those.

  8. I think it is excellent for general cavalry. More dynamic, and they are tricky to squad up… But of course, for the main hero… a more dynamic pose would be nice…

    Anyway…. like your figs a lot… Lemme know when you make the darkies instead of these pansies.. 😉

  9. They will use the same packaging system as the rest of our range, so they will be easy to carry into battle away from home.

  10. Metal..

    Guys, I’ve been looking at Mantic seriously as a way to get back into fantasy gaming, and the elves were slowly winning me over. These horses were kind of it. I mean they look the part, nothing wrong with them, exactly what I want.

    But metal? Going down that road puts you in competition with the bigger boys who’ve been doing it an awful lot longer then you have – have some faith in the range and do them in plastic ay?

    Oh and if your not, resculpt them as suggested by Bottle – longer lets, more dynamic. If your going to compete, dont do it with inferior product…

  11. Its hard to say anything without seeing the riders and the full model, but they do look too ‘GW’ in style to me, plastic and more dynamic would have been better.

    Also how does the size compare to the infantry so far? That horse looks too big to fit a Mantic-style elf judging from the base, definitely the size of the rider and how they fit in to the look of the army will be important.

  12. It was plastic that got me interested in the Mantic figures (I love the Shieldwall Detachment I picked up on Saturday). However, I’ve got loads of metal miniatures and they’re heavy, cumbersome and hard to store safely, whereas you can usually throw plastics in a box with a bit of foam and they’re fine.

    Aside from the odd character, I’d much rather see all the range available in plastic – there’s plenty of other people doing metal.

  13. Iskard Lustviper October 26, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Gary Morely, oh dear!

  14. Yep, not keen on metal myself. Plastic all the way. If not in plastic I will most likely not buy them.

    The Chaos Knights from GW are imho a good example what cool, esp. dynamic cavalry currently is. Anything below that and the price has to match accordingly, as you so well manage with your other miniatures (and still the models are quite nice).

  15. With all due respect for Mr. Morley, you guys need to send this back to the sculptor. The proportions of the horse are way off. The head is just way too big for the body, looks like a horse’s head on a pony body. The length of the head from back of skull to nose is nearly the same as the whole leg. A casual look at images on the internet shows that the foreleg (past the chest) is around 1.33x the length of the head. A ‘heroic’ steed would be even moreso. More dynamic pose would also be good. Horses in motion are way more interesting than horses at rest.

  16. My first thought is the miniature is going to be heavy because it’ll have a lot more metal due to the barding. Which in turn means these will be retailed at a premium price. There is a reason other companies have moved (one a long time ago) to plastic horses with barding.

    I’d prefer to see the horses mane, there’s something about the armour on top of the mane that takes away from the precieved “movement’ or dynamic style. I hope that sentence gets the point across.

    Anyway, if they’re going to be metal I’m sure there will be people out there who will buy them. If you were to create them as presented I would prefer plastic and cheap. Otherwise it’s not for me. I admire you’re putting this out there and asking for comments. Thanks.

  17. I agree with everyone here, i was hoping only characters and large monsters would be made in metal. The technologys there to make them in plastic and i’d think more would be sold if that were the case.

  18. The horse is fine. I like ’em plain. But I also would like to see them in plastic.

  19. I’d have to agree with the other commentator, that the sculpt looks very uninspiring, and does not fit the infantry already done. The Elven cavalry should be very jaunty, thin, with more shapely armor and barding. This sculpt looks very pedestrian by comparison.

    If you need ideas for some elven horses, your more than welcome to borrow design elements from my paper craft miniature versions. I think I have found a good design for the elves for light, med and heavy cavalry, while looking dynamic and militaristic.

    This is not an attempt to promote my own stuff. I just think I happened upon some good style that I would like to see you guys bring to 3D, and they do compliment your current range, although they could be thinned up a bit. I wish you guys the best of luck, and will be picking up several sets of your new Elves.



  20. I dont care if the material is metal or plastic.

    BUT i do care about the PRICE.

    I’m holding off buying any of your infantry until i see the cavalry in all its glory, and if you can’t carry the style of the infantry into the cavalry AND do it at a price point that means i can have hundreds of cavalry flooding the field then i’m not buying.

    I doubt you can do that with metal cavalry – be pleased if you prove me wrong, but i think you are making a huge mistake going down the metal route.

    Best elf cavalry i’ve seen is the old Grenadier line – now in production with Mirltion. http://www.mirliton.it/index.php?cName=fantasy-2528mm-high-elves

    These seem to capture more movement than you have in the shown WIp and still have a lightness and garce without becoming GW cartoon-like charicatures and I can get these for E4.17 per figure (£3.80) if you can’t significantly beat that (and i doubt you can in metal) then i think you have seriously missed your opportunity to make a sustainable impact with this range!

    So near… don’t let it be soo far…

  21. Hello,

    Why again Elves on Horses?
    This is dull.
    Why not Lions, or Tigers?


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