Beasts of War – A look at the Elves

Beasts of War have kindly produced a video review of our Elven Warhost.

At over ten minutes long, they’ve taken a thorough look through the components and have even built some of them to show just how cool a ranked regiment of Elves really is. We think they look great and they’ve done a fantastic job with another high quality production.

We’re very much looking forwards to working with Beasts of War on further items in the future.




  1. You have to be joking! the bowmen actually come with the shields molded onto the arms??? So i can’t take them off??? WTF??

    I was REALLY into this range but some of the choices are just destroying the flexibility and turning me right off..

    add to that metal cavalry too…


  2. Finally had a chance to watch the video. How do you manage to get 50 elves into such a small box?? Very compact, very well designed, a good example to some of the other companies.

    I’m convinced now, in december when uni is finished I’m buying a bunch of these guys. Can’t wait to see the rumoured palace guard!

  3. @Brandlin

    Spearmen and bowmen are identical sculpts with different weapon options.

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