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Always one to wax lyrical about Mantic, I took the opportunity to be interviewed by the guys from and their Southern California Wargaming Radio podcast. Click on the image below to have a listen.


The interview ended up being 40 minutes of fantastic conversation and the talk ranged from the concept and ideas behind Mantic Games, to what’s in store for the Elves. There’s even some talk of the Undead, which I’m sure you hardcore blogsters will be craving!

We hope you enjoy the show.

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P.S. Just a quick reminder that we’re at Maelstrom Games this weekend (7th November) and we’re bringing a load of stuff, so if you fancy a chat or a quick game, make sure you come visit.

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  1. Nice to know a bit about the background of Mantic and who’s involved in the process. Antony Reynolds is a brilliant writer and to have someone of that ability on the cards speaks volumes about what you can achieve.
    I look forward to seeing how the different types of skeletons in your Undead army mix to form the common regiments and the elite regiments. And let’s have a look at the Necromancer on the blog soon please, will he be like an old frail man, or more like Arthus out of the Warcraft 3 computer game?

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