Heart of the Dragon

Those of you who have signed up to the newsletter or browse the forums will have noticed we’ve released the first of our metal sets; The Elves King’s Court, and the Dragon’s Breath warmachine.

The Dragon’s Breath model, sculpted by Bob Naismith, combines the plastic bolt thrower sprue with the metal Dragon’s Breath weapon. It is a unique warmachine amongst the Elves, capable of blasting forth huge gouts of magical fire that will burn and incinerate the enemy.

Elves Dragon's Breath

Elves Dragon's Breath

To show you how an Elven general such as the mighty Prince Nuadalor might use the formidable Dragon’s Breath, we’ve put together this great little short story which we’ve added to The Library. You can view it using this link: Dragon’s Breath

Hope you enjoy it!



Ronnie Renton


  1. It’s a pity that all pictures on the webside are so smal.
    The painter communitiy realy love to see bigger pictures. Especially for the War Machines. And some better pictures of the Elves King’s Court 😀

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