A tribute to Harryhausen!

Ok, time to start the chat about project 2 – I guess many of you now know what our second army will be…

We had two inspirations at the beginning of the project. The first was the skeleton warriors created for the Jason and the Argonauts movie. They had such menace and evil nature that even after all these years they acted as a embarkation point for the project.

The other starting point was understanding the story behind these troops. We thought that the models represent the remains of an army, these were soldiers that died on the battlefield and have been raised by an evil necromancer to fight again. They still bear what’s left of their former armour and weapons, yet now they fight against their will and for a cause that isn’t their own.

Below we have two pieces of concept art for the Undead, and you can really get a feel for what we’ve gone for.

Best sleep with one eye open, the Undead are coming!



  1. Just wanted to let you know the artwork looks amazing.Really looking forward to see these released.

  2. Please do some skeletons without armour just the bare bones and I will buy sets and sets just to do pile of bones, bodies and such, with your awesome prices, plastic possibilities and scale I will be able to use them in my ‘ generic’ terrain, conversions etc… I will probably end up with so many that I will do an army too… now you can be sneaky and provide a couple of just bare bones skeletons I will use for my terrain and some with armour and then for certain I will end up with an undead army 😀

    BTW I love the dog 😀

  3. Yes! Jason and the Argonauts is great inspiration and a timeless classic.

    I’m hoping that the Mantic Skeletons will be in different states of decompostion as well to really capture the horror of the walking unliving.

  4. Wow, they’re looking good! I hope they will be a bit thicker than the elfs.

  5. The concept art looks great, Id’ really like to see some other races such as Dwarves and Elves. The former would be deferentiated by stature and later by the remaining bits or armour still left on…That’d break the usaul Human norm and make for some great looking figures and stories…

    Can’t wait…

  6. Have just been starting to look for skeletons, may wait until these are available if they will be roughly the same number/price as the Elves.
    Will there also be an evil necromancer to go with them?

  7. I also vote that skeletons from the various fantasy races should be included.

  8. These are great! You got me waiting for those, for sure.

    The elves were spectacular as well, but I didn’t feel like buying a new army I’d seldomly use. When these corpses are released I’m tributing my money flow to you! And that hound.. a very dashy idea. Details like that are the ones I like about your range. These are going to be packed with extra gubbins in the sprues, aren’t they?

    A very good choice for a second race.

  9. Personally, my vote is NOT to add the remains of Elves/Dwarves/Etc to the basic, bulk skeleton sprues. I can see myself buying racks and racks of Skeletons if they have the same quality and standard that the Elf plastics have, but if they come with half and half mixed with all kinds of skeleton types I just can’t see myself buying only half sets…

    HOWEVER, I love the idea of other race skeletons as additional boxes. Why not some super-heavy armored raised Dwarf skeleton troops as elites, for example? Raised Elven cavalry with the tattered remnants of grace and nobility hanging from their bare bones… I love the imagery it evokes, but they really should (in my mind) be released as separate boxes, like scouts are for the current Elves.

  10. Can’t wait for the undead to rise up. I loved the Elves but my passion is “deaduns”.
    Liking the look. Now where’s my bleached bone?

  11. These concepts are very exciting, although i would second the idea of basic skellies with no armour because i would buy quite a considerable amount.

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