You’ve seen some of the art, you’re being teased by the advent calender, now for some miniatures!

We couldn’t wait for the plastic sprue to arrive to show off the new models, so we frantically assembled some Skeletons using parts from the first batch of resin 28mm figures that we had cast as part of the design process. These show-off only a few of the different parts of the Skeleton sprue, but it must be remembered that these are only testers, the plastic sprue won’t have holes in the kneecaps!


I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


  1. lovely miniatures, i like the second guy in from the right, he looks lovely and anatomicly exciting.
    the armor seems to hit the spot also.
    can’t wait for painted pics, and to get my hands on some of these.


  2. Those look great! The have much more character than other Undead, especially the one with the hood instead of a skull.

  3. Da hood is nice, indeed.

    And for the lot of them I could say that these smell like KIT-BASH!!!!
    Lovely. Now I want to see the rest.

  4. Love at first sight!

    Probably about 20 boxes please…don’t take your time, 24th dec would be good, delivered by reindeer, of course, thanks Santa.


  5. Go Go Go!!!

    The undeads looks like a sure winner!

  6. These are amazing sculpts, now i really can’t wait ’till these models are released. Looking forward to more!

  7. Very cool! the detail on these guys is excellent. I can help but think of Army of Darkness when I see them lol!

  8. I see a lot of possibilities for this kit. I do love undead multi-part plastic kits (yes, I know that’s a little niche) and I’m truly looking forward to this one.

  9. i love these as much as i love the elves. they will make a great addition to my undead forces.

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