What's in the box? – Episode 2

Episode 2 of What’s in the Box? features the very first Undead Troop Sprue for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve also taken a photograph of the sprue, which you can enlarge by clicking on the thumbnail below.

We spent forever gawping over this, so we hope you enjoy it!


Best wishes, and a Happy New Year!


  1. Mantic Blog – What’s in the box? – Episode 2 http://www.manticblog.com/?p=523

  2. Hey guys, I’m loving these videos and close up previews of the sprues. Keep ’em coming! Might we be seeing the zombie sprue in an upcoming episode?

    Your idea of including a preview of your next army on the sprue is inspired. Looking forward to seeing them myself later this month, when the 3 box deal of skeletons I have on order arrives.

  3. speaking as a TV production student, i have to say to ronnie…please don’t be nervous of getting infront of a camera. being nervous has a tendency to screw up your voice and make you skip words ot get ot the end really really fast.

    just relax and the video will be good.

  4. I think these previews are quite excellent. These preview blogs do a lot to keep interested customers in the loop, and it does generate excitement over your products. Keep them coming, you guys have a reason to be confident in your fantastic models!

  5. Loving the look of these guys… I could see a new WHFB army coming on here…

    And is that a small beardy head I see as the preview? Oooh fun 🙂

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