Send in the Cavalry!

It’s been a little while now since we posted the work-in-progress sculpt of the Elven horse from the Stormwind Cavalry boxset and now we have painted pics of the finished metal models!

These two images were sent to us by Conflict in Colour who have done a fantastic job painting the models. If you fancy a bigger, better and all-round more detailed look at them, please click on the thumbnails below.

Stormwind Cavalry 1Stormwind Cavalry 2

These three figures appear both in the Stormwind Cavalry Troop box and in the Command box alongside the yet unseen Banner Bearer and Champion. We’ll have pics of these new models in due course but for now we’ll leave you with these three beauties. Some say there might even be painted skeletons on the way…



  1. Quite like the horses. Are they based on a metal or plastic base?

    Also like the look of the elves themselves. The lance shaft does look rather thick. When I receive mine I’ll have to see about the possibilty for a conversion of those.

  2. Oooh they look much nicer painted. Something to add to my birthday wish list.

  3. oooh, very nice!

  4. Nicer painted???

    It is really, really ugly and does not emphasize figurines…

  5. Absolutely lovely. if they are as cheap as the rest i can see myself starting that elf army….what size are the bases?

  6. The cavalry are mounted on plastic 25mmx50mm bases 🙂

  7. May i ask what made mantic price 5 of these at $40 USD? just curious. they are nice figures and i think i’ll get some anyway, but thats a bit for 5.

  8. These are very very fine castings.

    Sorry about the quality of my photos, but I tend to take a few quick snaps on completion for the chaps at Mantic, literally as soon as finish. As I work in a controlled environment to give eye relief (16 hours with a brush in your hand 5 days a week makes you VERY careful with the eyeballs) the lighting’s not always at it’s best so to get positive comments in those conditions is great.

    I like to try to use old school techniques because these models ooze that retro feel, that I know I, Mr R and others ‘of a certain vintage’ think of with great fondness.

    With these pics, the depth of shading does not come through… It’s my fault and I throw myself at the mercy of the viewers.

    I’d like to get the chance to paint the same figures using the brasso and black enamel technique sometime.

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