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Last week saw the release of  the Stormwind Cavalry set, and there are still plenty more releases for the Elves to comes, including the Dragon, Palace Guard and the Drake Cavalry – Elven cavalrymen riding dragon mounts! All of this alongside the paint sets and Undead metal sets make for a busy couple of months, and there’s also rumblings of a new army coming out.

It’s been a little while now since we last showed you the WIP shots of Kev White’s sculpts for the palace guard, and he’s been hard at work on these guys, as these new pictures of the Palace Guard Champion and Standard Bearer show:

Elves Palace Guard Champion GreenElves Palace Guard Standard Bearer

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  1. Very nice. I like those a lot

  2. I Like very much…that is some serious headgear that the champ is wearing…Really looking forward to these chaps…picked out a colour scheme and everything already.


  3. Kev rarely disappoints. And this is not one of those rare occasions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more knightly elf, or a more elvish knight.

  4. Just adding my voice to the choir. Very nice figs, I quite like them. They should stand out from the other already released elven units when they’re placed down on the gaming table.

  5. These look really nice! Are they going to be all metal or is that just the test for the Standard Bearer? Also, what is the standard weapons for these guys?

  6. Hi Guys,

    Glad you like ’em!

    The Palace Guard will be all metal and they come with not one but two weapon options – a two handed sword, and a two-handed axe!

  7. So will they come with the weapons not attached and you can pick if they have all axes or all swords or a combo? I assume that’s the plan, but i’d just like to be sure.

  8. So you could make the palace guard as Masters of the Sword, or as Lion Warriors to pick some random names for the units 🙂

  9. Dave, I must have these…..NOW.

  10. So, when can we get them? The Champion, especially.

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