Here be Dragons…

We’ve been really really excited in the Mantic offices for a little while now. Not only have we got Garius Maximus, guardian of Mantic Tower‘s dankest dungeons, releasing all of the Undead into the wild, we’ve also got our first Paint set, our first Undead metal set and a brand spanking new metal Elf set – the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon.

This monstrous mount has been hinted at for a little while now, and we can finally say that it will be released in April and included in a brand new Elf army deal (more on that in the this weeks newsletter!). There’s nothing quite as impressive as a dragon in an army… well, except for maybe an army with a dragon and drake cavalry!

Pictures speak a thousand words, so we’ll leave you with this shot of the Elven Battle Dragon, painted by Chris Straw. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Mantic Games Elf Lord on Battle Dragon

Remember: keep watching this space, the newsletter (and considering there’s Dragons about, the skies too) for more on April’s preorders and make sure you drop us your comments below!

Editor’s Note: Hey guys, don’t forget that the FREEDELWW code runs out midnight 31st March – 2 days time!


  1. Very nice dragon! Congrats Mantic!

    And great paintjob as well. Nicely done and hats off to Chris Straw. I don’t know your previous work, but I like (read will steal) some of your ideas when I get one of these beauties for myself.

    Only thing lacking guys, and it’s nothing with the dragon itself, is that this mini really deserves a more unique base. I realize that there are limitations with the figure being metal, but I’ll be scouring the interwebz looking for something special for this beast to tower over.

  2. Is this thing plastic or metal?

  3. Oh my god. I. Must. Have. Dragon.

    But Andres brings up a good question: is it metal, plastic, or some combination of the two?

  4. It is a metal kit 🙂

  5. cool dragon. will be in an upcoming order at some point.

  6. Nice dragon, very savage & great paint job!

  7. Absolutely awesome!
    I’m really happy Mantic went with the classic European style Dragon!
    It’s always been a favorite of mine!!
    Great stuff once more mantic!

  8. About time…
    just what the boys were looking for …….dragon riders …finally read my mind…..awesome classic look…….
    goood job

    now how about a black and a few other chromatic colors….templated after the D&D monster manuals….or just different heads

    any barding accessories…..

    i Imagine some dead ones are stagnating somewhere

    I was afraid ya…were going to give us earthworms with wings

    looks good…… will be ordering more than I’m allowed

  9. it is a fantastic model. Bought one at the shows! (apparently i am the first person to buy one!) Its £20, and metal. I am a bit pained over this miniature though, still trying to make it.

    Problem is the wings are very heavy and unless the super glue i am using is really bad, they just drop of within an instant! 🙁
    I honestly admit I hate big metal miniatures, prefer them in plastic. I am unsure what to do about the wings all the superglue i have so far can’t stick it even if I hold it for hours. Guess drill and pin is the only answer!

  10. Awsome!!
    Where can I buy this miniature? Can you help me? Thanks.

  11. Been looking for a dragon for an age, this one looks great. Two questions how high does it stand and what is the width of the wings?

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