Dwarf Tuesday

So, Dwarf Week continues apace as we start building up to our brand new army release, and what better way than with the concept art (okay, you want pictures of the finished sprue – but where is the anticipation in that!)

Dwarf Concept Art

As you can see from the art, squaring up against a ‘Dwarf Ironclad’ is about as sensible as calling an orc a dancing queen!

These chaps were designed to be very tough cookies – and they look it.

Please come back for more tomorrow – until then…keep building those armies.

Next time on Dwarf Week: Dwarf Colours


  1. Very nice. That’s what I’m looking for. Those are some tough looking guys…they look ready for a fight!

    If the minis measure up to the concept art, you have a winner in my book!

  2. See that guy in the top left??? Wooopeeeeedooooopeeee. Now if we can just find room for duel wield I’d be weeping with joy!

    They are “rock ‘ard.”

    Mantic is doing an excellent job of realising how I’ve always thought the presence of a dwarf should be. Thanks for making us very happy!

  3. I’m a huge dwarf fan so I am really hoping you do this properly! Here are a few hints for you and Bob Naismith.

    * Dwarfs have knees, and they can see their own!
    * There is no such thing as a dwarf berserker.
    * Dwarfs have beards but they are not stupid enough to grow them so long they fall over them.
    * There is no such thing as a dwarf berserker.
    * You don’t have to do dwarfs with guns but if you do then at least make them look like early experimental gunners. and give us the option of crossbowmen too!
    * There is no such thing as a dwarf berserker.
    * If you have to do cavalry then they ride bears, not sheep or goats or any of that nancy-boy rubbish you get from west wind! Oh, and do them in PLASTIC not metal.
    * There is no such thing as a dwarf berserker.
    * If you do artillery and feel you have to do a cannon then at least give us something to pull the damned thing!
    * There is no such thing as a dwarf berserker.

    In fact I would point you towards the following GOOD dwarf ranges for inspiration
    * Grenadier dwarfs from Nick Lund in the late 80’s now sold by mirliton,
    * The old Asgard range now with viking forge,
    * The current Vendel dwarf range
    * The current Hasslefree dwarfs by Kev White

    Each of these ranges is different but suggests dwarfs as stubborn, efficient, characterful, grim, functional determined and not at all SILLY!!! (unlike a couple of manufacturers i could mention).

    On another note I see that here in the UK, the Hobby craft chain is stocking Mantic figure boxes alongside GW and FoW! Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Mantic,

    I concur wholeheartidly with ‘Brandlin’…

    I want that Mantic world to be dark and dangerous, yes you can have fun with some figures but overall I want a sinister evil world and ‘silly’ models will take that away. So far I am very impressed with the ‘look’ and can see me investing (again!).

    As to Berserkers…they’ll fit if the Dwarves were Viking but I would not want Viking dwarves, done too many times and now boring. So far they look like classic old school but done with todays technique and mindset…perfect.

    Bst Rgds

  5. Dwarves may not have Berserkers, but they definitely have mostly naked barbarians.

    Also, Seconding the Bear Cav.

  6. I totally agree with Brandlin.

    No dwarff would be silly enough to go without armour, and if he broke an oath, then he’d take his armour and axe and go and kill a 1000 gobbos to make ammends, not get naked and try and get himself killed.

    Dwarves arn’t stupid, they get old and wise, they don’t trip over a stone and drop a wedding ring down a mine shaft, cry out in rage, rip thier cloaths off dye thier hair and run around charging the largest enemy creatures that they can find….

    Oh and defo. on the plastic bears…

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