Men of Iron

It’s the middle of Dwarf Week at Mantic, and we’ve been pushing Stef hard with the art – this is just a first glimpse of the early artwork but just look at the results we’re getting:


Filled with explosions, fire and dour dwarfs, the art for the Dwarf Ironclads depicts them pre-battle; a solid wall of grim determination and slabs of muscle where the only thing that’ll keep them apart from the enemy is the reach of their warhammers, and the storm of shots that blast past them…

… Or maybe a hangover.

Next time on Dwarf Week: Dwarf “Sharpshooters”


  1. Love the artists colour scheme for the dwarves. I’ll likely use it or something very similar myself as it’s different than what I have planned for my other Mantic armies.

    Really looking forward to see what those dwarven sharpshooters are fireing.

  2. See that guy on the left!!! He’s pointing at his other axe! 😉
    Blimey these look fantasmagorical!
    Roll on Dwarf week! I’m loving this, can you tell?
    Hoping it’s a seven day week…

  3. Overall, love them. Minor criticism – some of the helmets make the dwarves look like they have flat heads above the eyebrows.

    Now what about a range of chaos dwarves next? That would be potentially more notable.

  4. Very cool. If the minis look as good as the art, I think Mantic will get some cash in exchange for some great looking dwarf minis of theirs!!

  5. The poses of the legs appear to be the same. Will there be a little variety on the sprues?

    They do look a little egg on little legs at the moment.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you guys do with them though!

  6. Well… I think I just died of happiness. Your artist has done wonderful work.
    Can’t wait to see the Sharpshooters.

  7. Can’t wait for my first box and the poster.

  8. and as i said before, I can do a “Chamber of kings presents” review article ofr the dwarves! Wink…wink…


  9. amazing, I am a huge fan of all things dwarven I can’t wait to see som greens.

  10. Damn you, Mantic! I think I’m going to be buying my first Dwarfs ever. Very cool artwork, Stef. 🙂

  11. Loving them!

    To me it looks like Mantic is just getting better and better with every army they realese 🙂 Dwarf week is awesome!

  12. I am glad to see that they are a classic fantasy dwarf look, I had feard that they would be viking/noridc, not that thats bad but a fresh look at the classic is what is required and you’re heading that way, good!

    The ‘egg’ sysdrome is always due to the fact that the dwarves have been designed with massive ‘beer bellys’ …please avoid this syndrome at all costs…ta


  13. I would only comment again on the lack of foreheads particularily on the left picture, otherwise looking pretty good.


  14. when i posted my list of wants on tuesdays threads I should have added.

    * dwarfs have waists!!!! these are just round blobs!

    sigh …while having promise these seem to just be more of the same old thing. I shall wait til i see the figures before deciding whether to invest heavily though.

    Madan mitra – you call these “classic”…where do you get your idea of classic from? Most of the style that seems to be taken as ‘standard’ for dwarfs these days was invented by GW in the mid 1980’s. And unfortunately its cartoony. I was really hoping that mantic wouldn’t just go down the same route and produce charicatures.

  15. Hi Brandlin,
    I call these classic as they do look like a design from 30 years ago 😉 thats 2/3rds of my life on this planet…

    No, seriously, what I mean is exaclty what I said that I don’t want nordic style dwarfs but more of what was around in the 80’s when I got into this hobby.

    I already have a very large Roman Dwarf army and (deep breath) Battle Rams Riders, Bears Riders, Pony Riders, Squadron of Giant Bat Riders, Scotts Highland Dwarves, All Female units of Highlanders & Valkeries, Celtos (greekish?)…I’m sure I am forgetting some…one day my loft will fall into the house…

    What I don’t have is any 80’s style or chaos dwarfs as I kind of missed that boat and now refuse to pay the price of metals these days.

    However, has anyone here seen’s dwarves? truly stunning…as is the price! so no go there for me…oops waffled on again, my fingers do suffer from typing dyslexia…

    Back to subject, they look solid and chunky but without a beer gut, for me its the gut that winds me up especially the GW rubbish (nowdays). As long as that beer gut does not show up I’ma waist or not.

    PS I am not a dwarven player…oh yeah, MASSIVE box of old Asgard Nordic and lots of LOTR…damn! I know theres more…but going that far into my loft is scary…

  16. @ Brandlin: We think you’re going to really like the dwarfs 😉 If waists and knees are what you’re after…

    … then you’re going to be a happy bunny when we show off the three-up!

    Though you may need to avert your eyes when the berserkers are out…

  17. Two great days of Dwarfy goodness left then.
    Why not make it a tenday? 😉

  18. @ Manitc

    Will there be dwarf berserkers? If so, I’m making an entire army of them 😀
    Looking forward to more of Dwarf week! Loving the art so far!

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