It’s nearly the end of Dwarf Week – “We must be approaching some miniatures by now!” I hear you cry!

Well, we’ve had some shiny very new pieces WIPs of art in from Stef on another new unit for the range, nicknamed “Sharpshooters” in the office (more on that in a later blog). These guys are a little less armoured than the Ironclads to help with wielding their weapons, aiming, or making it less restrictive to take a swig of their favourite Ale! Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look.


Now then I hear you say, there’s two different types of weapon there! And you’d be right; not only will this kit let you build your Dwarfs armed with rifles, but they’re also getting crossbows too! The variety across the range is immense, as you’ll discover in later blogs – Stay tuned, don’t miss it.

Next time on Dwarf Week: Boring Stuff. Completely missable, nothing to see here type stuff…

Or maybe a threeup? Which would your preference be? Let us know by dropping us a message below!


  1. Crossbows and guns, great news! Will there be enough of each type to outfit a full kit with one type? I have said I wouldn’t have picked guns for my armies but these do look great. Personally I’d have imagined a blunderbus style barrel but again these look smart. Maybe there’s room for a throwing axe? I kid.
    So if there are enough crossbows in there it would be hard to criticise these other than the narrow gun barrel.
    Keep it coming! I’d be happy for more concept art or 3ups or anything else up Mantic’s sleeve for that matter!

  2. Well I knew there’d be guns, but as has already been stated, I was expecting something lower tech. This rifle looks pretty advanced to me, almost steampunkish. Mantic, are this dwarves going to be a little more mechanically inclined and advanced than perhaps we were expecting?

    Let’s see… Elves had swords, spears, and bows. Undead had assorted handweapons and spears. Dwarves get a sniper rifle that looks like it could take out a dragon with one shot from 1/2 a mile away…

    Oh yes. Not too hard to tell which is Ronnies favourite army…

    But I’m really liking the look of these dwarves. Can’t wait to see some 3ups!

  3. I like ’em, and I like the techie look of ’em. Very nice. Definitely looking forward to the 3-ups though. I like the direction they’re going.

  4. Crossbows and guns looks like a good move, this way everyone will be happy no matter how they like their dwarfs. I am intrigued to see if the kit will have a beer mug!

  5. Christoffer Noklestad April 22, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Looking great Mantic! Not too fond of the sniper rifle, looks too high tech maybe. But nonetheless I think I will get some. I think they will grow on me 🙂

  6. Nice! A rifle that doesn’t mess around, and doesn’t look like it weighs 100 lbs. Well done.

    This week has me in the grips of suspense… nice to get all the previews in one week rather than random intervals. Doubly tantalizing to know we’ll see the models soon!

  7. Very nice dwarves! I really like the steampunk feel they have with the rifles.

  8. Hmm… Interesting tech level for the Dwarves.
    Seems almost 18th/19th century. Steampunk perhaps?

  9. I like them completely!

    Don’t see the issue with the guns. Perhaps the barrel could be made to look a little bit ornate but apart from that I like them. They don’t look cartoonish, and their rifles certainly don’t look cartoonish either!

    Scopes also historically I think have been around a lot longer than people believe.

  10. Nice, but I would want a more ornate and archaic look to the guns, not too keen on them at the moment.

    I think that dwarfs would put as much effort in making any weapon look as good as it can with runes and symbols and markings similar to the way they decorate their axes and hammers…they always seem to be a bit OCD when it comes to weapons and precious metals…


  11. I love the artwork, absolutely perfect imo. I’m sick of unrealistic weaponry and these look spot on.

    I know this might be a rude question, but are these models likely to fit into a WFB army?

  12. Whilst I’m excited about the possibility of finally being able to get hold of an affordable Dwarf army, these rifles leave me cold.

    Sorry, but for me the only missile weapon any respectable dwarf would be seen with is a crossbow, so please make the missile units so you can equip them fully with either weapon.

  13. Wow, I love this model.

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