Mantic reveals painted Dwarf

So, it’s coming to the end of Dwarf Week; we’ve teased you with some concept sketches, dazzled you with the artwork, but you’ve yet to see a Dwarf model. Well, lets change that…


This Dwarf three-up is the first trooper from the Ironclad Regiment, a unit of heavily armoured and heavily armed Dwarfs. Not only this, but this figure, painted by Chris Straw, sets the tone and colour scheme for our regiments and army.

Whereas the Elves are decorative and the Undead decrepid, the Dwarfs are functional, they are hard and they are very tough. Unlike the graceful Elves, expertly skilled with spear and bow, the dwarfs are not afraid of getting into a scrum with warhammer and axe, hacking and smashing their way through bone and flesh.

Dwarfs, simply, are hard, and the range is shaping up to be the most breathtaking yet, with a full plastic range, supported by some of the most detailed metal sets you’ll ever have laid eyes on.

Dwarfs are our next army release and will be available for preorder in May – don’t miss ’em.


  1. Mantic Blog – Mantic’s reveals painted Dwarf

  2. Ok, it looks like I have found my 6th Dwarf army…;)


  3. Excellent model!! Dwarfs are my favourite army and I really like what you have done. Can`t wait May for preorder! How about some pictures of sprues? Please?

  4. Hmm…
    Looking forward to more pictures.

    I’m hit with a wave of negativity with this first photo. It’s just not quite what I was expecting. I’m hoping the minis will look better at scale with their square bases.

  5. SOLD 🙂

    im really liking the look of these guys. all of your armies so far are looking great, keeping that fantasy feel while having a look that is completly original. Mantic is deff creating their own style and i like it. Cant wait to see the look of Humans when you create them. Would love to see a style kind of like the dwarfs, in that almost steampunk look almost like the look of the ministerium from the Golden Compass.

    keep it up guys!

  6. I would have hoped to see a dwarf more close to the concept – which I do like a lot. The 3ups seems skinny and tall compared to the previous shown concepts.

  7. OK, loved the sketches and the artwork, but not sold as much on the actual figure so far.

    It doesn’t seem to quite reflect the artwork – the figure seems to be all beard with very little head above it (and no neck at all)

    But, that said, this is only the first example we’ve seen, so I’m looking forward to seeing other examples…

  8. Tales form the Forge!!!!
    Big Dog!!!!
    Rock ‘ard Dwarves!!!!
    My first Dwarven army!!!!
    Exclamation marks!!!!
    What’s in the box for tomorrow then?
    So excited and yet so sad we near the end of the beginning.

  9. Nicely done – I approve heartily. I will definitely dig those dwarves on my table. 🙂

  10. Non-exisitant nexk and the fact that he can’t turn it turns me off, plus I think his head is VERY wide, but that is all that turns me off….

    Soo close…

    I will hope that perhaps there are some models within the range that could actually turn thier heads and show more neck. Presently these don’t do it for me. I’ll stick to my exisisting 5 dwarf armies at present.

  11. Knees. Oh goodness, a plastic dwarf that has knees. What they lack in neck they gain in knees, a higher centre of balance, and a general look of menace.

    Simple and solid. Dwarfy.

  12. So…just out of curiosity… does *anyone* make dwarves with necks? I’ve got huge piles of dwarves and have had them from tons of manufacturers and *never* seen one that looked like he had much neck going. Seems an odd point to stick on — almost like a nitpick really.

    I think these are an excellent take on dwarves, neck or no neck. I can’t wait to get a flock of bulldogrenades going. 😉

  13. Thats a bit of a disappoinment considering the concept art. The head and helmet and face looks like it squished down after it was sculpted. :/

  14. I have to say – it’s a little dissapointing. He doesn’t look very stout or squat at all.

    He’s like all leg. A step back from the Undead I’m afraid.

  15. I saw these ages ago, and I liked them. The neck thing doesn’t bother me, they probably have so much head hair and beard they have to make a bigger helmet and it totally ‘dwarfs’ (see what i did there? Was pretty rubbish wasn’t it?) their neck.

    I am sold. Once I get the cash that is. God Mantic you don’t know how much Undead I have yet to build and paint! Nevermind the elves!

  16. The neck / head issue is not a nit pick.

    The dwarf does not look like he can:
    turn his head
    lift either arm without popping his helmet off first
    look up

    It would not at all surprise me if a 3d view of this dwarf would lead to him being a hunchback.

    Now this is all my opinion, from the bottom of the beard down I think he’s pretty good but the head and lack of neck kill it for me, if the head is a separate piece… somehow…. the set may have utility, i’ll check it out at Salute tomorrow.

    Simply put though, it’s not my cup of tea, and I am a dwarf collector (by that I mean I own dwarves from multiple manufacturers).

    I’m not sure if it’s against the rules to post other companies names on the comments, but on the subject of dwarves that do have necks; I point to Hasslefree, Reaper, Privateer press and GW’s LOTR miniatures to name a few.

    I am still curious as to the warmachine designs Mantic puts out, can always use new ways to make stone or lead travel faster 😛

  17. Something really, REALLY needs to be pointed out, so I’ll say it:

    The thumbnail image for the dwarf is distorted vertically, making the model look taller than it actually is.

    Click on the thumbnail to see the actual model, which is a lot broader than it is than in the skinny thumbnail pic.

  18. need some scale comparison shots mantic……

    like to westwind imperial legionnaires…..GW….and few others dwarfs out there

    if this is my 7th legion or what…..need pictures dude
    because that picture is worth a thousand dwarfs or more…when i order

    i have some of your pointed ear skinnys……and they a have a lot less meat than GW stuff for sure….but they are goooooood

    but i was never a elf fan… dwarves……are me forte

    so anyone….if ya can help….let the scale pictures be posted to yer competition demise

  19. @ MRBUSHTROLL: The dwarfs come up to about the chin on your 28mm Elves 🙂

  20. I’d like to see more pictures too before I make up my mind.

    Like others have said, I like the concept art better than this miniature.

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