A song to sing for the next range…

…ok, after this week I know you know what range is coming next, but this is too good not to share!

Written, and sang by our very talented Sculptor, Mr Naismith – he got so immersed in the Dwarf culture he started writing and singing Dwarven songs.
So with no further ado, please may I introduce, sung to the tune  ‘Men of Harlech’  (you know, THE song in ‘Zulu’)

Dwarves of Kharzag
Grab yer best axe
put yer armour
on yer broad backs
gird yer belt
and get ye ready
for to face the foe!

Pointies or green skinners
never will be winners
against the shields
that guard the fields
where Dwarven men and women
eat their dinners

Swing yer hammer
in strong manner
brothers knee to knee
we’ll never stammer
by beard and blood
we’ll raise our banner
High above the field!


  1. Mantic Blog – A song to sing for the next range… http://www.manticblog.com/?p=844

  2. Bravo! Encore!
    As the Dwarf week credits roll Mr Naismith sings with Dwarven pride.
    I’ll be teaching my son to sing this song!
    Hopefully with the same conviction!
    Thanks for Dwarf week! It was grand!


    *stands and claps*

    I am deadset on visiting the offices now, with my band of merry fantatics in tow. but before that, a visit up in indiannapolis doesn’t seem off.

    oh, i would also like to inform ye that i will be taking a 95% mantic force to a 4 round tourney next weekend. Godspeed to my painting hands.

    also, i may just make a dwarf army now….but i don’t want too many armies….ah well, I ramble.

    I’m still writing that book Mantic! at about 100 pages so far.

  4. *Goes out and buys a load of Zulus and British soldiers.*

    Ah wait, what am I doing, I mean…

    Nice song! xD Encore!

  5. Andrew Hannagan April 25, 2010 at 1:34 am

    Well that proves it. You guys are committed to the cause…perhaps too committed! Loved it enjoyed the previews although still undecided on the look of the Dwarfs

  6. I need the dwarves now, they were the first fantasy army I ever collected and are in dire need of a revamp and reinforcements, loved everything I seen during the week and the song just caps it all.
    Keep up the good work guys I think I’ll go and buy some more undead to get my fix until the pre order starts

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