Palace Guard

With the superb Elf Lord on Battledragon kit out this month, we thought we’d show you a quick peek of what’s coming for the Elves in May. Click on the thumbnail below for a closer look:Palace GuardThat’s right – here’s the first painted regiment of Palace Guard. Complete with a full command group, there are enough pieces in the kit to arm your troops either with two handed swords, two handed axes, or mix them up like in the unit above.

This unit will be featured in the Mantic Journal, which is making it’s way into the world in May – Keep watching the blog and newsletter for more details.


  1. These guys scare me!
    They look great! If I wasn’t a Dwarf, I’d definitely be buying them.

  2. Now, those are downright splendid! I didn’t have any plan for getting some as I’m not a big elf fan, but I need to rethink that now. Gorgeous stuff there!

  3. Look great – not overly skinny like the other elves. Nice improvement!


    Heh Heh Heh bout these boys showed up, great look guyscan’t wait to get them on the table and kicking 9 bells out everything…

    Also, any chance of a quick message from the painter on what colours he sued to get that dull gold look?


  5. you guys are gonna break my pocket book! fantastic, best looking elite unit for elves PERIOD!

  6. These guys look fantastic!

  7. Maxwell Mcdougall April 30, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    quick question. the site lists 5 guard as the same price as 5 heroes. i assume this is because they are metal.

    my question is, why do 5 infantry models cost the same as five characters?

    (note, i love the guard and will be buying some, i just wanted to find out the reasoning behind price)

    keep it up mantic, I’ll be with you the whole way.

  8. The Palace Guard are limited edition, does that mean some plastic one’s are to be released later in the year like the Revenant Knights?
    Best elf models so far.

  9. @ Rorkes, In short, I’ve heard yes. When I do not know.

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