Mantic Games & Dakka Present: Name A Dwarf and Win a Deal Contest!

Mantic Games and Dakka Dakka have paired up to help name one of the upcoming Dwarf units.

This new set will allow players to build either crossbows or rifles for every trooper, but the best idea so far is ‘Sharpshooters’ – and that just doesn’t feel very Dwarfish!

From now until May 25th, whomever ends up submitting the name that Mantic decides to use will not only get the massive respect of having a unit of miniatures forever carrying their name, but they will also be getting a ‘Kings of War’ premium army deal which retails for $179 along with a Mantic Messenger Bag… all sent to their home free of charge!

So take a look at the pics of the 3-up for some inspiration:

Mantic Games Dwarf Sharpshooter Threeup

Visit this thread in the Dakka forums to find full rules for the contest and to post your submission.

Good Luck to everyone!


  1. Mantic Blog – Mantic Games & Dakka Present: Name A Dwarf and Win a Deal Contest!

  2. A great idea and opportunity! Good to see Mantic continue to keep their fans involved.
    I have listed about 50 already, some better than others.
    At least I now know I have quite a bit of time to think up even more.
    Mantic never ceases to keep thinking of new ways to keep in close contact with their audience, a most admirable trait!
    We stay loyal to Mantic and Mantic stays loyal to us!

  3. 50? That’s overkill ain’t it? There should be something about one entry per person. Just checked the thread over at Dakka, I swear some of those people just sat down with a dictionary and threw whatever words they could find together.

    Hmm, so we’ve got the Ironclads.
    And how about…
    Peacekeepers? Throw something in the background about how when they’re not on the field of battle they serve as rangers and patrol the woods and mines to keep them clear of infestation. And to be fair a bolt or a shot between the eyes is going to settle the peace pretty easily 😛

    Yep, that’s my entry. I’m not registered over at Dakka, can I submit my entry here or do you need me to email it in?

  4. Overkill?? Dwarfy Overkill? There’s another! Quick get it entered before I do 😉

    I think you have to register through Dakka and post. I wasn’t registered ’till I heard about this.

  5. I’m really not planning on registering over on Dakka 😛

  6. I can think of many but the one that sticks in my head is one that I read on Dakka Dakka, namely…

    “ThunderBolts”…encompases noise of Guns and crossbow Bolts…neat.

  7. Personaly I think Guardsmen would work well

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