Mantic Kings of War Weekend Continues!

So far this weekend Beasts of War have added eight – count them, that’s 8! – new Mantic videos to their website, and the fun doesn’t stop there as they have even more new content being added today!

We’re not going to tell you what’s coming up today however, you’ll have to keep a beady eye of the BoW site but I can tell you if it anything like the other videos they’ve been putting out, you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Here’s a little taster of what’s been on so far:


  1. Mantic Blog – Mantic Kings of War Weekend Continues!

  2. Interesting, although i would like ot know what format the beta rules will be in. I am thinking PDF file.

  3. Just finished watching the last of the Mantic Videos over at Beasts of War.

    Well done Gentlemen! I found the interviews entertaining and informative. I thought the boys at BoW did Mantic proud by doing such an excellent job themselves.

    Now, get that Collectors Ghoul up for sale on your site, and let’s see the Beta for those rules! : )

  4. May i ask who is doing the websites front page adverts? I’d very much like to speak with them.

  5. I like it too Maxwell.
    It would be on my desktop wallpaper if it didn’t mean taking the Dwarf image down.
    I’d like to see something like this Zombie promo made into a downloadable wallpaper.

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