Ronnie is on a plane as we speak to this year’s GenCon event. Bigger, better and badder than ever, GenCon is touted as the best four days in the gaming calender, and Ronnie and Jim will be at stand 1415 and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him leave with a Zombie three-up and some masters of new sculpts as well as a head brimming full of ways to divulge our release schedule for the rest of the year (again).

Painted by Chris Straw

Painted by Chris Straw

The guys will be there with some pre-release stock and all in all to talk all things hobby. Whilst we won’t have a set of rules to demo yet, both of these guys will be available to talk too about the new rules, what you like (or don’t like) about what you’ve heard so far and any cool ideas you’d like to see get implemented. And of course to wax lyrical about how super our new dwarfs are looking of course!


  1. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys at GenCon on Saturday. Have a list of secret projects that you’re ready to accidentally leak, if you don’t mind!

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