Organ Guns to the front; Cannons to the rear!

Seems like everything is coming in thick and fast at the moment and today we have the Ironbelcher crew to show you:

Dwarf Crew SprueI think my favourite piece on the sprue must be the mis-fire boots but I think the pipe dwarf might be a close second!


  1. Mantic Blog – Organ Guns to the front; Cannons to the rear!

  2. Got’s me 5 sets of these 😀

  3. gaarew (John Martin) August 22, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Only 5? I’ve got 10 for starters, and might need, err, quick calculation… another 22…

    At least the are compatible with the standard Ironclad set, so I can make 3 crew members by adding a spare body to the kit.

  4. You have 10 Warmachines? Wow!
    What are you going to do with them all? Especially when you get the rest?

  5. gaarew (John Martin) August 23, 2010 at 7:32 am

    6 Cannons.
    4 Organ Guns.
    4 Flame Belchers.

    Plus extras to make

    6 Stone Throwers
    12 Bolt Throwers.

    And once I have them, I’ll make a proper Dwarf gunline.

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