Collector's Range: Undead Zombie

The Zombies will be shipping this Friday!

Like we have done with our other ranges, we are releasing a Collector’s Range: Undead Zombie.

Collector's Range: Undead Zombie

During our design process we create some finely detailed 90mm resin models – these figures are cast to order by hand and stand three times the size of an ordinary 28mm figure.

This high quality resin figure allows you to build one complete Undead Zombie, and comes complete with an integrated base. There will only be 75 ever produced of this unique model.

If  28mm miniatures are what you are really after though, don’t worry as you can pre-order now our Zombie Regiment, Zombie Horde, Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battleset, the Undead Army Set and Malak’s Endless Hordes, all of which contain the fantastic Zombie miniatures. So what are you waiting for – get over to the Mantic website now!

Also don’t forget, to celebrate this big release we have decided that every order* placed on our website will receive a Zombie sprue completely free!
*Please note: any order consisting of just an Open Day ticket or a subscription is exempt from this offer.

The release really is so close now that the excitement and anticipation here within the office is so high! We know these are some of our best plastic miniatures to date, and we just can’t wait to share them with you.


  1. Mantic Blog – Collector’s Range: Undead Zombie

  2. Can’t wait any longer….
    *coffee drinking and trembling*

  3. Right there with you Hawior.
    I’d splash out on an order or two for some free Zombies to add to what’s on order already but I’m saving my cash for the open day!

  4. Bring on the Dead Heads, I am looking forward to gettng the Zombies, going to be a complete Kings of War Weekend, and even the missus is going to learn to play the Beta test rules.

  5. Why release on a Friday? As the Post office doesn’t deliver on a Sunday it just adds an extra day of waiting compared to shipping earlier in the week.

    Or do you mean that they are shipped to arrive on Friday to concide with the release in game stores?

    Just wondering.

  6. I am with you Andrew.
    No post working over weekend. 🙁

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