A Journey Like None Other…

Issue 2 of the Mantic Journal started shipping out last week along side the brand new Zombies, Dwarf Heroes and Berserker sets.

The Journal was put together once again by a fabulous team headed by Guy Haley and after much banter, some biscuit breaks (there were an awful lots of crumbs on Mr Renton’s desk – Ed) and even more banter, here’s what Guy had to say in his Editorial:

In The Mantic Journal: Garrek’s Doom, we’re lifting up some big old stones to peer down into the realms of the Dwarfs.

In the lands to the east, King Golloch the Great, the mightiest leader the Dwarfs have ever known, pushes the boundaries of his empire ever outward, the war machine of the Under-kingdom sweeping aside all opposition with terrifying new weaponry. Golloch says he wishes for his lands to be secure, nothing more, but all in the lands of the free know that a Dwarf’s greed is unmatched…

Elsewhere in MJ02, you’ll find painting advice, tips on assembling our fantastic Dwarf Ironclads, exciting news and more! With Dwarfs crowding the tabletop here at Mantic HQ, and further fantastic Mantic models on their way, now is the perfect time for war! To arms!

Issue 2 is now shipping to all customers who have an existing subscription, have ordered Issue 2 or signed up for the subscription to Issue 2 to get their hands on the special edition Dwarf Engineer with Drill figure as shown off below! We think the new Journal is bigger and better than the previous and we only intend to keep going with this trend so make sure you get your copy before they’re all gone!

Garrek's Doom

As you’ve all been doing with the game, why not leave us your feedback in the forum or, better still, why not drop us a comment below? Until next time!


  1. Mantic Blog – A Journey Like None Other… http://www.manticblog.com/?p=1822

  2. A good read and worthy purchase. Nice backstory and a great game scenario. I especially like the added stat lines for the characters.
    Now if only I hadn’t subscribed so early, causing me to miss out on the Dwarf Miner model 🙁
    Also, Ronnie may want to take a close look at section 5 on page 17. Somebody may yet be hanged.

  3. A really big improvement on the first journal, much more interesting and a greater volume of content. Loved the scenario and dwarf fluff and looking forward to issue 3. Some more painting and perhaps a kit bash article to go with the review of the sprue would be nice!

    Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing Mantic Towers on the 9th. Bringing all the family for my sons birthday surprise!

    Any chance the miner will be able to be purchased on the day?

  4. Sounds good and I really like the engineer miniature.

    It is just a shame I already have a subscription. Any chance of upgrading to get the model? I would gladly pay the difference…


  5. Made it across the pond for me on Saturday – thanks!


  6. Both of you will be happy men on saturday, Dren and Peter as we just might have something here you would like…

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