Khaos Dwarfs!

There has been a lot of excitement about the sneak peaks of our work in progress Khaos Dwarfs that Beasts of War have shown. If you missed the preview you can watch it here:

We at Mantic can confirm that Khaos Dwarfs are the next army to be released. If you want to know more, check out our blog tomorrow as Ronnie will be talking to you directly.

So come back tomorrow!

Before we go though, we have seen a lot of comments from people asking about more variety of components, heads specifically, well just for you, here are some work in progress greens of just some of the variety we will be offering:

Khaos Dwarf Heads 1 BlogKhaos Dwarf Heads 2 BlogKhaos Dwarf Heads 3 Blog


  1. Good greens Mantic but come on – Khaos!? You might as well just call them Chaos and have GW sue you but not sound completely stupid. Evil Dwarves would be fine but I think this is a really bad idea I’m afraid 🙁

  2. Cool love the minis I just hope the banker will give me some money to pick up a box or 2 🙂

  3. All looking good, and I think Chaos with a ‘K’ works ok, nice surprise as I think alot of people thought the Orcs would be rampaging next. And the warmachines look superb. When is the army list going to be up guys?

  4. Heads look pretty nice, have to agree with other comment though; “Khaos” is pretty lame. I think even phonetically it’s wrong as with a K it would be pronounced in English as “Kaar-os”. I’m guessing that maybe this is just a working title for the blog anyway, but if not;

    Dark Dwarfs?
    Black Dwarfs?
    Evil Dwarfs?
    Fell Dwarfs?
    Sundered Dwarfs?

  5. All great ideas Simon

  6. I’m fine with the name Khaos. Something a bit more original would perhaps have been more interesting, but I haven’t any problem with it.

    VERY nice to see so many head options though. I hope we can look forward to seeing a similar variety for Mantics other armies in the future.

  7. If you’re going with the K spelling, I would have to recommend “Kaos” as an alternative.

    The silent h really doesn’t look right in front of the k.

    Kaos would be phonetically identical, while looking quite different and exotic on paper.

    Really nice models!

  8. Very good idea Scarlet – it makes the word phonetically correct to say ”Chaos” and also adds a new Mantic-y-ness to the ”Khaos Dwarves”

  9. Looking good!

    But I’m also not a fan of ‘Khaos’. I’d second changing it to ‘Kaos’.

  10. Nice, but dissapointed Orcs aren’t next as was mentioned some time ago. As a long time Orc fan, the greens were looking promising. Please say they will be coming at some point!!!!


    Khaos is Greek from which was derived the Latin word Chaos. Since the (human) Basilea west of the Dwarven Realms is Greek for Empire/Kingdom, might one expect fantasy Byzantines?

  12. Yeah I’m really impressed with these.
    Never been a fan of Chaos in general but I have to admit that these are definitely very tempting. It would be another first for me!

    On the other topic going on here….
    Khaos is kool with me!
    The phonetics are exactly the same with C or K. Anybody who says different can go and tell Khaine or Khorne (Good luck with that)

    These are looking smart!
    I’ll second the request for more new and different cross compatible options sprues!

  13. Here here Sci!

    Why go for a poorly spelt games workshop imitation. Your models are better than theirs so there is no need. Come up with a new name all together.

    Twisted Dwarves (maybe sounds too much like a small ice cream)
    Night Dwarves (do miners care if it is night or day?)
    Malignant Dwarves (too non-pc maybe?)
    George Osbourne Dwarves (maybe too political?)
    Bad Dwarves.

    Of course the other option is to name them after a place but that requires the writing or an in depth background.

    Love the models by the way, especially the war machines.

  14. I was one of the people that mentioned that I’d like to see more head variants and these look great. I can’t wait until they are available to buy.

    I’ll be calling mine Kurgan not Khaos Dwarves.

    Kurgan is the Russian word that refers to burial mounds/barrows made by the Kurgan cultures of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Kurgan architecture is what I will use as the inspiration for these evil dwarves when making scenery for them. Its also happens to be the name of one of my favourite movie bad guys of all time.

  15. You’re all wrong.


    Done. ; )

  16. I quite like Darsc Zacal’s suggestion:

    Ze Que-Oz Dwarfs are coming! Run fe ze ‘ills.

    Bretonnian Dwarfs 🙂

  17. Love the models. they look evil. I’m with Simon on the name tho’. I don’t mind “khaos dwarves” but I would vote for “Fell Dwarves” myself.

  18. It’s a good point Dren; but I’ll take on those two GW fellas if you’ll stand toe-to-toe with Gengis Khan and tell him his name’s wrong.


  19. It’s a bit unfair to argue that Mantic can’t use Chaos after the Moorcokian pinching that GW pursued… but, what about Duergar? Heck, call them Gnomes, they’re gorgeous either way.

    Many, many thanks for producing more heads. I confess to being one of the whingers. Like the small child I am the 10th, heralding those undead knights canot come soon enough!

  20. These helmets look brilliant!

  21. Whatever the spelling or the first part of the name ends up being, I’m rather partial to having the last part spelled Dwarvfes.

  22. Khaos is fine.

    Kaos are the hapless baddies from the old t.v. show ‘Get Smart’.

  23. Infantry looks hideyous,
    in my oppinion they are too bulky to have so many smooth features, like ornamens that sometimes stick out and sometimes blend in, as a model painter not sharp enough additions are pain as they look awfull on 28mm models where sharpnes and angles add to the overall apearance
    shoulderpads desperately need a re-do.

  24. I am a little concerned for the uniformity of units. The helmets are large grand affairs that look swell but I am not sure how they will look in a complete unit. The pics of blunderbusses have me excited and I love the look of the warmachine.

    It might make sense to have a few packs. One of Kaos Helms, One for Mutants and another for great helms. Perhaps keep the core kit a little more uniform and offer a chaos mutants “upgrade pack”.

    Any way you cut the cheese these are fantastic models and will be wonderful to have on the table. Count me in!

    Another note, I love the sculpts. They almost look like bob olleys work. Great job!

  25. Nicolas Ouellet December 4, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    I agree with Corvus, those helmets are great!
    Hope the “eye head” will be on the final release!
    I like the idea of having a bunch of more-monsters-than-dwarf-troops in the middle of a “Evil” dwarf unit.

  26. heavybtakinovaa December 4, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Fell dwarves would work. But I remind you that Khaos is a greek spelling or something like that other guy posted here. So it floats my boat nicely. And the sprues looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  27. They look fantastic. perfect mix of brutalityt and devilshness. These can be used for many things! Love the curly wild mid eastern look of them as well. Whoooo whooo I will buy many of these since GW doesnt publish any chaos dwarves themselves.

  28. Less moaning about the name guys, more adoration for yet more excellently priced decent looking mini’s.

    good work Mantic!!!!!

  29. Chaos translated into danish KAOS.

    Thus I see no problem here….

    Stop whining and just enjoy this good fortune!

    Thank you Mantic games!!! Greetings from Denmark


  31. what about simply calling them

    Dwarves of Chaos

  32. Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thank you for this writing..

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