Kings of War Availabe to Download!

It has been long anticipated, well now you can download the rules off our website, all you have to do is go here!

Kings of War 2010
This download is completely FREE as we promised it would be. All of us here at Mantic hope you enjoy the rules and play some great games.

So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE copy now!


  1. Mantic Blog – Kings of War Availabe to Download!

  2. Blearg. Ugo-Igo turn structure, separate attack and damage rolls, WAY too many attacks, looks like nothing has improved with this new version. This isn’t a mass-combat game, it’s a skirmish game. Why don’t you just make it into a skirmish game and try again with the mass combat game.

  3. have you even bothered to play the game shadowdragon?

  4. There’s a mistake in the army lists: the zombie half-regiment lists 30 models for 50 points while the zombie regiment lists 15 models for 90 points, not really a fair deal 😉

    I haven’t tried out the game yet and only three army options may hamper such attempts in the future but I can’t wait to see more army lists 8)

  5. Great to see the rules made more freely available to others!
    This game is the first to get me playing table top Wargames!
    Much fun. Keep up the great work Mantic!

  6. Thanks for posting the rules, I played a demo game with Alessio, a few moths back, at Yellowcon in Belfast and I loved it… My son and I are going to play a game today!

    Many Thanks

  7. “This isn’t a mass-combat game, it’s a skirmish game.” Personally, I think you got that the wrong way around. This game is about big battles and big armies.

    I love the rules, they are quick to learn and so simple that you don’t worry about the rules leaving more braintime to focus on strategy and the game (and conversation). So far (unlike warhammer) I have yet to be involved in any rules dispute that wasn’t immediately solved by reading the relevent rules again.

  8. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Mantic for doing this!

    Making rules available free online is what more and more companies are doing nowadays and it benefits everyone. It’s easy to update the rules without relying on a F.A.Q. or reprinting rulebooks, changes are available instantly to everyone and you don’t have to worry about old rulebooks taking up inventory space or the cost of constantly printing new books.

    I do have a question, though.

    Are there differences between these rules and the old closed beta rules? I plan to go over the two for differences, but I’d like to know in case I miss anything. Thanks.

  9. It’s great to see these up, and in a full-page format. So far, everyone I demo the game for comes away loving it. Thank you guys for making a fun, fast, easy-to-learn system that is tactically rich to play.

    And there are few differences in this from the Closed Beta, but mostly edits for clarity. Shambling has changed, a spell called Dark Surge was added and the Nerve table was changed slightly are the most notable things. The rules were really pretty tight the first time around and got tweaked.

  10. I like the simplicity of the rules and the fact that they allow you to concentrate on the game rather than the mechanics.

    One question though … “Dark Surge” is a new spell – What does it do and where can I find out details?

    I can’t see it in the rulebook ….

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