Khaos Dwarf Cocept Art Continued!


We have also had commissioned a  full piece of Artwork with Jonas Springborg, who has already done some fantastic work like the Parachuting Goblins we have for Christmas.

This again is still very much work in progress, but I know Jonas is working on it as we speak, so keep checking back with us to see the final piece!


  1. Love it! Where can I get me one?
    Both the picture and it’s subject.

  2. Khaos Dwarfs: The Day After *hic*

    Very dark and evil. A job well done to the artist! Can’t wait to see this unfold…

  3. I don’t want to rush you but plz do that as fast as possible because they looks so grate that i can w8 to have them in my army.

  4. so………..

    I guess the Orcs have been scrapped?

  5. Orcs are coming out in March/April thereabouts.

  6. Thats a very very cool looking drawing. I think a small topnotch on his helmet would improve it, but aside from that its brilliant.

  7. cool. like his big-helmet.

  8. Beautiful artwork, but please, please! Bigger bigger taller hats please. 😀


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