Abyssal Lord's War Conclave!

So, slight break in proceedings as we divert our Dwarf King’s Hold attention away for a brief second to check out these awesome Abyssal Dwarf paintjobs – Golem Painting Studio have only gone and produced blinding paintjobs on the forthcoming Abyssal Dwarf War Conclave set (which by the way, is now available for pre-order)!

s War Conclave

If you click on this image you will get a full 360 degrees view of the Lord:


Abyssal Half-breed HeroAbyssal Sorcerer

As you can see, we’ve also incorporated your feedback into the sculpts, altering the face of the sorcerer and removing the pipes from the Lord, as well as adding in a few cogs and clockwork to make him a little less… sci-fi. See, we listen!

These figures should be in every Abyssal Dwarf army simply because they are 3 of the coolest characters we’ve done yet. (Please note, the Lord does not come with the display base).

Let us know what you think!

The Abyssal Dwarf Kings War Conclave will begin shipping on the 14th March and you can pre-order your set here!

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  1. Mantic Blog – Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave! http://www.manticblog.com/?p=2955

  2. You know, your making it really hard for me to come back from Adepticon with profit. <3

  3. Those are nice, like those.


  4. What the hell/abyss?! These sculpts are damn cool. It’s absolutly great that you use the feedback from the fans and boy, these miniatures a brilliant.

  5. The head, the bonelike ‘helmet’ on the Dwarf centaur / halfbreed? Is perfect – very evil! Impressed with the changes, the new Lord looks more fantasy like now, these models look superb and very impressive.

  6. Very nice – and great to see community feedback taken into account!

  7. Well what can you say………absolutely superb. The Abyssal Dwarf range is shaping up to be iconic as every model has just so much character. I imagine people will be buying these even if they do not have an evil stumpy army just to paint these models. Happy Days!

  8. Very bloody nice indeed!!!!

    Where did the Gobbo Advisor/Spy/Sneaky Git go?????

  9. Mantic had mentioned elsewhere that the goblin advisor is going to be released as part of the upcoming Orc range.

  10. However, those that ordered the legions get one (goblin advisor) early if I remember right.

    Love the painted conclave; especially the halfbreed, it just radiates power and arrogance.


  11. definitely feeling the revised look. on the lord. job well done team mantic (abyssal overlords)!

  12. When I saw the greens I though they were too busy, but the painted models look so much better. The painting is technically very good, but I think they need more contrast. Pretty good release I think!

  13. That Halfbreed is totaly cool, I really like him. Any ideas when the Halfbreed unit is going to be released?

  14. Yeah, those three are brilliant.

    The odds of me buying some abyssals just went up by a whole lot after seeing these sculpts. Probably won’t get a massive amount of them, but army box + character pack is looking pretty tempting right now.

    The way the KoW rules are designed also increase those odds, since I know I can go ahead and use them as a small allied detachment to a larger force right away without any problems, and then expand them at leisure.

  15. Mantic you just made my week! These are fantastic models, and I can’t wait to get my Legion so I can start in on these straight away.

  16. Like the centaur a lot, the lord a good bit, not crazy about the sorcerer. What I would love is a set of plastic centaur. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  17. I’m not a fan of the proportions of the Halfbreed. Based on these photos, I would have moved the bull body upwards relative to the rest of the miniature, by lengthening the legs and shortening the spacer between the bull body and the dwarf body.

    And going off-topic, if you ever make another race of plastic centauroid creatures (like cervitaurs or naga), I’d be more interested in buying them if the two torsos match each other more closely in size.

  18. Chaos dwarf bull centaur, how original…. I’m going to wait for the orcs.

  19. James Humphries March 9, 2011 at 6:49 am

    will more centaurs be released as a unit? I want 20 of them as Chaos knights

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