The Green Tide descends…….

Krudger on GoreKrudger on Gore side

Orc Heroes

As far as an Orc is concerned, might is right. He who hits hardest laughs longest, and all of their leaders have had to fight their way into their positions of power. A good Orc Krudger might last a decade or more, before age, infirmity or old wounds weaken him, and then he will be bested in combat by another Orc and replaced, his body devoured at his vanquisher’s victory feast. It is a brutal way of life, but the Orcs do not bemoan it. For them it is the way of things, and so only right. Other creatures that follow more civilised ways they see as weak and feeble.

As a result, Orc heroes tend to be very large. Big Orcs are stronger Orcs, and so big Orcs are more likely to be in charge. Powerful Orcs are marked out from youth. This can be dangerous, as some Orc Krudgers prefer to cull the bigger young, sparing themselves from the blade for a few years longer, and Abyssal Dwarf slavers follow this line of reasoning religiously, to prevent rebellion. Many Orc Krudgers, however, have little truck with this, holding that to kill the biggest and best weakens the tribe, and a krudger with a weak tribe is nothing. With weak followers, a krudger’s achievements will be unremarkable, and his name forgotten to song and legend. To be forgotten is the fate of most Krudgers; but to be remembered for all time is the goal of them all.

Beasts of War

Orcs and Goblins alike field regiments of cavalry. No horse will allow an Orc anywhere near it, so they employ beasts with temperaments more in line with their own.. Orcs ride Gores, massively muscled creatures boasting large tusks and skulls even thicker than those of Orcs, heavy and ill-tempered, their weight is enough to crush a fully-armoured man.

Not only are these creatures used as mounts, they are also employed to pull chariots, and sometimes they are even hitched to larger devices; light warmachines, battering rams and Manglers, whirring, bladed horrors that are driven right at the enemy.

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Gakamak’s Green Tide is now available to pre-order and will begin shipping in May.


  1. I am speechless!!! 8o

  2. when are we going to see the rules for these guys?

  3. Can’t wait to paint this guy.

  4. Just a small question: Is this guy a hero model or will there be a whole unit of those lovely chaps?

  5. Amazing.

  6. It’s a hero model. As is the recently unveiled standard bearer.

  7. Loved to see a whole regiment of those…If Mantics Trolls keeps this standard I’m selling my GW ones

  8. Amazing model!
    Really sorry, but I can’t help but point out that the green tide DESCENDS would have been a better title…

  9. I can honestly say that this is one of the most charactoristic models released for any fantasy system in a long long time. Congrats on what is shaping up to be a very exciting release.

  10. Nick Simmerson March 21, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Totally amazing sculpt Bob!!

    IMO the legs look really skinny compared to the torso etc?? maybe its just the photo though?

    Also think the mouth/teeth look a little odd, like they’re not properly formed? I know the teeth are meant to be broken but it looks a bit like the big toothy mouth of Wallace (& Gromit) rather than a dead ‘ard orc?

  11. He looks a bit sad 😛

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