Plastic Orcs!

Beasts of War managed to get their hands on one of the early test shots of the Orc frame recently (you can check out their fantastic video here) and we decided to take some photos of the nice, shiny and new Orc Ax Troop and Orc Command frames for you to drool over… click on the thumbnails for a closer look!


Orc Ax Troop Sprue

Orc Command Sprue

Orc Command Sprue

Naturally, we couldn’t resist building some either, so here’s a couple of shots from the Orc Ax sprue:


The Orc Ax Troop and Detachment are now currently available to pre-order on our website, as well as our 100 figure Orc Warrior Bundle, and will be released on the 25th April. By pre-ordering, you’ll be first in line to get your hands on the awesome new orcs, which is sure to make your friends green with envy!

Remember, drop us some comments below and let us know what you think, and keep checking back to the blog this week where we might just have some painted Orcs to show-off – keep watching this space!


  1. Freaking sweet! They look great! Although I am an undead player….these guys scream out to me!!!

  2. Finally the first sprues. Love the little fellows. 🙂 You added more than just one. *thumbs up*

  3. They look good, but it would be nice to have a little more variety… will the bits be interchangeable like the ghoul and zombie sprues? And will the different sprues have different head options?

  4. They look cool! I am really digging the little guys too.

    They deserve a sprue of their own. Seriously.

  5. I am so happy that the two helmet heads are awesome – these Orcs are now perfect! Mantic have outdone themselves here. I hope an option for spears and swords are in the works.

  6. Really superb figures! Can’t wait to get a few of these bad boyz to add quality and bulk out the rest of the army!

    Look, I think it would be a lot easier if I just gave you my credit card and be done with it, don’t you?!!!! LOL

  7. Andreas Wemmenhed April 6, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Well done! looks very good. You guys keep on improving yourself. One thing that gets me a little worried thou is the “open crab hand” on the first orc. Why isn’t he holding his hand around the shaft of the axe?!?! looks like he is gonna drop it any second…There is a range of miniatures (wargamesfoundry?) wich has excellent vikings and normans in plastic but none of us are buying them because they have the same “crap hand” syndrome wich just makes them look so odd. It’s a real pitty.

  8. So much empty space especially on the command sprue and so few heads. What was the point of doing the command sprue separately if its only giving a single option for the command group and we end up with endless clones just like the dwarfs? The command sprue should be loaded with heads and bits to give variety and allow customization.

    Majorly disappointing. Don’t get me wrong – the Orcs themselves look nice – but the fact that you’re stuck making the same few orcs over and over really kinda ruins it for me.

  9. LACTIC ACID says it right. They look good but no variety. No bonus parts. Just 3 Bodies. The skeleton sprue is still the best of Mantic. A lot of weapons and extra parts.

  10. Well have to agree with Lactic acid. But the orks looks really good (except for the crab hand that is ;)) still if it’s just those three bodies then I’ll pass no matter how cheap they are. But gonna buy your gore riders that’s for sure.

  11. Nice the’ve included a spare axe thou, come on Mantic, we love extra parts and extra heads, half of us buy GW stuff just to look at the frame and they never ever even get painted.

  12. The Orcs look okay, I like the helmeted heads and don’t mind switching out the goofy bare head too much. I may buy a box. However, what really kills me is the lost potential of this set. The sprue looks absolutely barren. There are a couple extra little gribblys, but most of the sprue is just empty space. There should have been tons of extra heads, weapons, dead dwarves, talismans, trophies, etc. I can’t believe you actually payed the cost of tooling the ten component command sprue.

    My heart is breaking for you guys. I want you to succeed desperately, but these sprues are underwhelming.

  13. OH YES! Time For A Fight 😀

  14. I’m sure Mantic down the line will be brining out upgrade packs.

    But remember these are ‘economy’ models, though I appreciate that this sprue is a bit bare, remember that costs are being factored in.

  15. “But remember these are ‘economy’ models, though I appreciate that this sprue is a bit bare, remember that costs are being factored in.”

    I think that’s a “penny wise, pound foolish” approach. A number of costs, such as the block of metal being machined and the cost of machining the outer frame, are flat costs that cannot be reduced. It does not make much sense to produce a full sprue with only 2/3rds of the content if you’re still paying for the full sprue.

    With more efficient placement of parts, the sprue could easily have included another standard and half a dozen heads. As a command sprue, intended for miniatures in the front rank that are supposed to stand out, that added variety is much needed.

  16. I must say I’m not 100% convinced yet…

    The models look good, but there are some things that annoy me already:

    – there is only one left arm that can take the spare axe and this arm is cast in one piece with the body. If I want to create a Regiment of Orks with two weapons, all would look pretty much the same at the moment… This is completely unnecessary since it would have been absolutely no problem to cast this arm as a single piece!

    – Same problem for one of the heads. Why didn’t you cast all three heads as single pieces to allow more variation? And while we’re at it: a fourth or fifth head would have been really nice…

    Everything else is fine and I like the style of the models (I would have been happy about a fourth or fifth body though), but these little details are really disappointing and it would have been so easy to avoid them…

    I really hope for more sprues that can be combined with this one!

  17. To ALEX HOLKER >

    Well I corrected! Mantic could have done a better job in this case. Options for spears and swords would have been easy as well as some different heads.

  18. *i stand corrected

  19. I believe the final outcome is great. Mantic must read carefully in all the above posts, as most of the carry messages that will definitely help them to boost sales. Weird that they made mistakes here that they did not in previous releases… The good thing, as usual, is that for the money you spend here you only buy a couple of units of “that brand”, so Mantic is by far the best to make really BIG armies…

  20. I really like the two armored heads. The models also look suitably ‘orcy.’

    I am sad to see how barren the sprues are. My favorite part of plastic kits are all of the little extras.

  21. “Weird that they made mistakes here that they did not in previous releases…”

    Actually- its the exact same mistake they made with the Dwarfs, and coincidentally one of the reasons I don’t have any dwarfs. (The other big mistake, the dwarf beserkers don’t match the rest of the dwarfs as don’t the character models to a lesser extent)

    It’s a fixable problem – a single sprue crammed with heads and a few other bits to customize your command groups. But given they repeated the problem with Orcs I’m guessing variety just isn’t a priority to Mantic.

  22. I have done a few of the Wargames Factory open-hand figures and it is a pretty easy squeeze to close the hand around the weapon.

    However, I agree with the consensus that there must be more variety, especially with the heads. I find you can create much more various looking troops with just a couple more heads – and those can EASILY be squeezed on the sprues.

  23. I imagine the Berserkers don’t eat as much and burn a lot of calories charging into combat, thus their size. Whereas the Ironguard (is that their name?) are slightly bigger than the normal Dwarfs because they are the biggest dwarfs around / come from the same “big boned” clan?

  24. As a Dwarf collector/player of some 22 years, it is with great regret that I will finally have to purchase some Greenskin models. Damn you Mantic for making such superb minis! keep it up guys!

  25. MDSW, do you need to heaten the plastic before bending it? like being close to a lighter or something? cause I really hate “Open hand crab hands”.

    I have so high hopes for Mantic orcs, I’m not buying any GW stuff at the moment cause I’m saving it for Mantic models, haven’t bought anything yet because theres so few options in the boxes. Really love their ghouls but same thing there, three bodies if the want us to field largy armies, why force us to field the same three guys (orks) over and over?! But I would like to say that Mantic now procuces models with a high detail level so thats one down and one to go. Give us more options Mantic, I now it’s a big cost in the beginning (read in a model book that Airfix payd around 1000 punds per part for the metal mould in 1999 wich makes a 35 piece model pretty expensive, but after that the plastic costs next to nothing). Wanna shift out all of my GW stuff, (well maybe not all of it) but if Mantic procuces goblins that only have three different bodies, then my block of 100 goblins will look pretty cheap and boring.

  26. i love them ! i might use some gw heads on some of them . i really wanted to do a huge ork army , cost effectively . this is the way to do it ! great work !

  27. Lol now I’m even ranting about more options on Beast of Wars site. Think Ron is soon sending someone to break my fingers!

  28. Don’t get me wrong… I think they’re 1,000X better than the weird-looking GW orks, and even for the options I wouldn’t get them, not just for the cost.

  29. Like many others, I think these guys look pretty good, but I wish there had been more options.

    I know there’s a limit to how much Mantic can do while keeping prices down. Some of their figures are a quarter of the price of similar GW products, so a lack of extras is a price we have to accept. I do think that a little thought could have increased variety though.

    In this case, I’d have preferred separate left arms, increasing posing options, and separate shields (which would allow some people to swap shields and also for the exchange shields for great weapons option).

  30. Bending the hands around the weapon is pretty easy – just put a little styrene cement (plastic model glue) in the hand and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then push the weapon in and pinch the hand closed with needle nose pliers. The glue slightly softens the plastic enough to make this work pretty well.

    Of course, the hands I have done them on were pretty small and these look a little beefier, so might need a little more effort.

  31. I’ve been hand bending on my Mantic dwarfs, since I don’t want them to have shields and thought the left hand would look better if it was more closed. I apply a dab of poly cement to the back (or inside) and then hold it near my desk lamp for a minute or so. It seems to go soft surprisingly quickly, but soon rehardens after bending and doesn’t seem to do any damage. Not sure how well it would work for those holding a weapon, but I may try if I give some of the dwarfs great weapons.

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