Kings of War Fever

It seems Kings of War fever has gripped the world in the run-up to the Orc release on the 29th August and the September 26th Launch for the second edition of Kings of War because we have just sold out of the Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battleset after a huge flurry of orders.

Good news is, we’ve got even more gossip on the 2nd edition of Kings of War and the mysterious Mhorgoth’s Rising coming tomorrow. In preparation for the new game, we’ve also made some tweaks to our Fantasy portal, and posted up the Kings of War hub.


This new hub will house all the Kings of War articles and content to come over the next year, as well as be your go-to place for the free Kings of War rules download (including Foreign Translations for German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and links to the Italian version) and the army lists!

If you’ve not visited a hub before, get surfing now as we currently have Hubs for the Undead, Orcs, Abyssal Dwarf and Dwarfs King’s Hold live (all available through the Fantasy portal), and hubs for the Elves and Dwarfs coming in the next two weeks as we prepare for some Mega new pre-orders this month!

Undead-ArmyA big army is nice… but a mega-army is nicer – if only it was a reality…

We must say thank you to everyone who has picked up a Mhorgoth’s Revenge set from our webstore and we advise any of you who want one to get down to your local hobby retailer and see if they’ve got any left! Alternatively, why not check out our Army Sets – huge boxes of miniatures with free fantasy battle rules!


  1. Garlak’s Barbarous Horde does contain additional heads for Morax, but does it contain additional Morax Axes Set too?

  2. Hi Rafal,

    The barbarous horde only contains the extra Morax Heads 🙂

  3. If these mega-army boxes are £100+ boxes with even better % savings than the £50 boxes can offer, then I will be all over them. The £50 sets are too small for my tastes, they need to be doubled or quadrupled before you can really drown yourself in plastic. 😛

  4. Hey there Mantic! Congratulations on selling out on your hit products ‘Mhorgoth’s Revenge’ and ‘Dwarf King’s Hold’! Sounds like your sales are going through the roof, way to go!

    Of course we’re very curious what ‘Mhorgoth Rising’ will be like… any hints for us?

  5. @ Gerry Lee:
    Pre orders are up on Maelstrom games.

    Morgoth Rising will contain
    1x Kings of War rulebook

    Dwarf Army
    20x Dwarf Ironclad Warriors with Command
    10x Dwarf Ironwatch
    10x Dwarf Shieldbreakers
    1x Dwarf Ironbelcher with crew

    Undead Army
    20x Undead Skeletons with Command
    10x Undead Revenants
    10x Undead Ghouls
    15x Undead Zombies
    1x Undead Balefire Catapult with crew
    1x Dwarf Poster Guide
    1x Undead Poster Guide

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