Mhorgoth Rising

So, to round-off our Kings of War rumblings we can now talk about Mhorgoth Rising!

Mhorgoth Rising is our brand new starter set – two fully plastic armies of Undead and Dwarfs, a 56-page full colour 2nd edition Kings of War Rulebook including nearly 100 new units, 3 new army lists, updates to the 5 existing army lists and special characters for each race.

The contents of the box have been designed to be game legal and balanced, and an introductory scenario is included for beginners to get started with. The set also makes a great addition to your existing armies, as you can use the figures to add additional ranks to your units – particularly if you swap with someone else who has got a copy!

Pictures speak louder than words – so check it out!



The First Blood scenario lets you get started playing Kings of War

with the contents of the box

The new game is out on the 26th September and, alongside all the new Orcs, is now available to pre-order.

Check back on Monday when big armies are about to get a whole lot bigger as we start our Mega-Miniatures-Marathon – don’t miss it!


  1. Looks good, and the addition of a full colour 2nd ed rulebook is really exciting.

    Just one scenario in the starter box though? Seems like if it is an intro battle-set there should be a few different scenarios to walk people through it and show off the flexibility of the game and the differences in the armies? If there is no room in the box how about designing some scenarios to download from the KoW hub?

  2. Without being to cynical. Is this going to result in a stealthy price rise?

  3. I assume you are also paying for the colour rulebook – it would be idiotic if they did not charge for that.

    But the rules are still free to download in PDF form.

  4. But then again would you feel aggrieved paying for a book which is freely available on the internet? Nice as it is having a colour rulebook it’s nicer having lots of cheap minis and free rules.

  5. ^ No, not at all.

    3 choices for taking a copy of KoW to a game:

    – Keep a digital copy on an e-reader (if you have one).
    – Print and bind 56 colour pages (bit of a chore).
    – Buy the book from mantic for $10, or as part of the new starter set.

    You have to do at least one of those, and option 3 is the one that the vast majority of people will be wanting. Worth pointing out that rules + 8 army lists from the next leading brand would cost you £205 at current prices.

    I’m also hoping that the new book will continue to be part of the army sets… I give away my spare printed copies of the rules as a way of getting people interested in the game.

  6. You don’t *have* to buy the starter set – it’s a intro game, ideal for presents etc. If you already play the game or downloaded the rules.. why would you buy a starter set? The miniatures are available elsewhere, including special boxed deals. I’m sure they’ll still do a bare-bones printed rule booklet. If you’re a father this is a great gift that you can get for your kids and play it with them.

    I’d hope they sell the Colour Rulebook separate etc, but they have to factor in if it will actually sell, is it worth it etc? The rules are free and will always be free, but there are many of us who want a book in front of us (we’re weirdos!).

    Unlike bigger companies, if Mantic start selling products that are failures, or not profitable, it hurts them. I’m guessing about 0 people bought those Elf Drakon Rider things…

  7. I bought a set of the Drakons…might get another if the rules are good 🙂

  8. I was definatly thinking about them, even with all the talk of heads and such.

  9. “Mhorgoth Rising”! The title really excited me, it was like hearing a rumor that a sequel was going to be made to a favorite movie. May Mantic publish the stories of the battles of the great war between Mhorgoth and the Dwarves one day! Graphic novel please:)

    Though, I do wonder if some folks won’t wonder if there was supposed to be a Mhorgoth miniature in the set:) I know, that totally wouldn’t be fair to the poor dwarf player though, ha ha!

    I think the Drakon models look pretty good. They just need some good publicity. Unlike the other Elf units, they aren’t immediately identifiable as being very much like anything from literature or movies or other games. And with no battle stats and only a small background piece to describe them, I think no one knows quite what they are or where they fit in. But Mantic can fix that when they have time:)

  10. I can only see the 2010 version available for download on the website. So, it appears we may end up having to wait until the set is released in September to get the new rules edition? Or, will it be available at all for free download?

    Can someone enlighten me? I seem to be lost in the fog of war…

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