Men of Steel

Or should that be Forge Fathers of Steel? Anyway, the Steel Warriors have been off for more photography and the web team has even managed to get hold of a sprue and take a snap as well – here’s the new pictures for you!

Forge Father Steel Warriors


On the table… Forge Father Steel Warrior Sprue

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  1. Already thinking about what they’ll look like added to my Reb force!!

  2. So long as we’re gonna be able to build them without what are clearly fantasy legs, I, at least, will be happy. The sprue is pretty much all new stuff apart from the legs. Pretty pleasing!

  3. they look nice, but would have been a bit better if youd made different legs for them (not the fantasy ones) and if all of the models had been like the one at the bottom of the sprue (ie more customisable) im not a great fan of the fixed, moulded poses. but apart from those small niggles they look pretty damn good. Alot of options!! 🙂

  4. I really do like the steel warriors, all the Warpath mini’s look superb but these really do start to set the tone of the Warpath Universe and especially the Forge Fathers. Nice one, well done, and look forward to seeing you at the Launch Party.

  5. Erico Schoroeder October 20, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Oh… I really wanted this ones to be EPIC. I really supported the company for that, i really spent discussing on foruns with all kinds of trolls, repeating to them that the forge fathers where not a GW copy, that they would be incredible, and they would not resamble that squat fail. Them, mantic give me this.

    I really wanted to love them, should i keep the hope on the metal add-ons?

  6. How can you not say that the painted mini’s in the picture at the top do not look great…..and you were right the FF’s, are not a GW copy, and the design of these guys is spot on. They get a big thumbs up from me.

  7. The full helmet option on the sprue looks excellent,Very scifi and inkeeping with the veterans. May have to buy several sprues just to get a complete unit of them.

  8. Fantastic work guys! Seriously! Can;t wait to get Hordes of these little men. And to all of you complaining about the Fantasy legs… they have Shoes, they have fabric, they have armour and they have guns. Why don;t you zoom out a bit and see them as a squad instead of individual models as the game is about, Bigger battles. Big as in hundreds of these guys. You won’t care, about it and it looks perfectly fine

  9. Ah, if only we had a Like button on here Exile. +1 to you sir.

  10. If you had an Like button I will push twice. I like both Forgefathers and Dwarfs, as they are absolutly unike! And in a squad/regiment they look absolutly awesome. Why I say this? Hm, maybe because I had painted a good bunch of the little men resently and believe me, they are cool.

    And now I try to wrote something jokey to win my FF Sprue …

  11. I like them but I am rather critical of reusing the fantasy pieces, I’d think it much better if you designed something more unique rather than a sci fi body and some sci fi heads with the Fantasy Dwarf legs. Las-guns don’t go with fantasy dagger.

    Thus I like them, but I am not overly pleased with fantasy bits being used here!

  12. they are nice 🙂 I only dislike Grunts of Warpath…

  13. They are starting to grow on me, although I am far from being blown away. I am looking forward to the next sprues as those will give more options as we have seen in the other ranges.

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