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To celebrate Cyber Monday we bring you gifts ranging from the last 24 hours of our US$ 15% off voucher code (that’s THANKSGIVING2011 to any one that missed it), to this concept art for the Corporation:

Mantic Games Corporation-Troopers-1Mantic-Games-Corporation-Troopers-2


The Corporation are coming in March 2012. For the first look at the Corporation models, make sure your signed-up to our newsletter for your Christmas Day Corporation Present and all of the latest news and gossip on forthcoming Mantic releases.

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  1. hopefully Forge Father will have more stuff by then so I can then spend all my money on these guys!!!! Any more concept art?

  2. This is almost as bad as the suffering that having to wait for Dark Knight Rises causes.

  3. What the hell?! These guys looks damn awesome (and by the way – I’m no fan of humans).

  4. So long as they fit perfectly – in proportion – along side other sci-fi humans of certain other game systems I’ll be buying. Ideally it will be possible to mix and match weapons and even heads, allow us all to really be creative. It was really bad that I couldn’t use Mantic’s dwarfs and elves in mixed units with other game companies models, as I, and I’m sure others, enjoy variety.

    I do hope the tanks, however, are in true proportion, if I see a troop transport I want to believe ten soldiers can actually sit inside it…

  5. Shit, that was fast, Forge World have already ripped you off:

  6. Personally I must say that I’m slightly disappointed that they look so similar to other products already out there. But maybe once I see them in the flesh (or plastic) – and the price – I’ll overcome that…

  7. They fit Warpath… they have goggles. 🙂

  8. I disagree that these models should copy their proportions from GW models with their gorilla fists, 6-foot long guns, bobble heads, beefcake muscles, taller than space marines etc. etc.

    Far better to make an excellent (and complete) range of well-proportioned models with lots of weapon options that people will want to make an entire army out of.

  9. Mark Smith: that’s not what I meant by proportion. I wouldn’t expect them to be exactly the same. Having them realistically in scale with space marines with be a big positive over GW. But I wouldn’t want them to be stupidly different in proportion like the dwarves and elves, to the point that you simply can’t use them in other fantasy games.

  10. they look a little generic sci fi, but thats ok. they definitely need knee pads, they have elbow pads, but not knee pads? knees are the thing that hits the ground most when trying to hide from incoming fire… goggles and gas mask heads would be awesome too…

  11. @poosh, why couldnt you use them in other games? They will fit to scale with THEIR game. They are no longer driving the idea of their company being used just to fill peoples armies for “other games”. Besides, you are playing a game on a table from an eye view of maybe 3 feet away, you really cant see the size diffference at that scale. So really your only complaint seems to be that you can kit bash with “other” products. Its the difference between true 28mm and not, its not like we are talking 20mm and 72mm scale, the difference is really only minimul.

    Keep up the good work Mantic, KEEP making product to fit YOUR line of minis, keep making product for YOUR game systems

  12. just be VERY careful with this range, that lazer cannon looks a LOT like a compact version of another “lazer” cannon on the market…. :/

  13. Very cool !

  14. Very cool !

    @Terry: I agree, the lazer cannon should be change to make the difference.

  15. I think they look cool, they remind me of Elysian Drop Troops (not a bad style to emulate). Corp marines are supposed to be the best trained and the best equipped soldiers in the galaxy and judging by these concept pics they certainly look the part.

    I know some people are going to say the look a lot like the human troopers made by a certain other company, but at the end of the day that company too inspiration from other popular sci-fi (Dune and Alien for example). Very few ideas in sci-fi and fantasy are truly original these days, you cant grumble too much

  16. @terry – so what? interpretation of the mental concept of lazer weaponry is relative.

  17. Nice Concepts! But will the Miniatures come close to the sketches?

  18. @Poosh – I use my Mantic dwarfs for fantasy whenever I can’t get a KoW game. They work perfectly well, the range is extensive enough that I didn’t need to buy any GW models to cover most of the unit options and a 2000-point army cost me less than £70.

    If you mix 2 different model ranges together you won’t have the same scale or proportions, but this applies to older and newer models within the GW range too. You can’t tailor something like proportions to match those of a company whose model proportions have no internal consistency and are constantly changing (compare current catachan plastics to older plastics, to the old metals, to current forge world guard… all different). Match corporation scale to cadians, and players can’t mix them with elysians, and vice-versa.

    There is very little Mantic can do as far as this situation goes… one the one hand you have people saying that they look too much like GW models, and on the other hand you have people saying that they don’t look enough like GW models. Both sides have reasonable reasons for forming these opinions based on their personal tastes.

    Mantic is clearly taking the middle ground of sticking to their own vision (and their own scale), but keeping cross-compatibility in mind because it’s something their customers want.

  19. Mark Smith – I mix my Mantic skeletons with GW, old and new, skeletons. You’re right of course. The older GW undead are waaaaay too big. But my units look fantastic. I mix and match both mantic and GW undead to create some great looking undead. It’s really great putting them together.

    Size wise, both GW’s plastic IG were fails. I hope Mantic can do better. I am really liking the ‘Doom’ type look.

  20. Really cool.

    HOWEVER! I think the weapons need changing, the support weapon looks far to ‘that other company’ as do the rifles. I suggest changing them, drop the retro look and make them more sleek and compact like the real thing.

    If you think about it the other companies humans are all clunky, stiff, clumsy and have more in common with the early 20th century fighter then anything else.

    The Corporates should be pretty nimble: smaller, compact rifles (preferably bull-ups) and heavy weapons that a bloke or two can easily pick up and relocate.

    Other then that I think the uniform/armour is great. Its just those weapons.

  21. @MaxMcdougall

    the cannon looks exactly the same as the other companies design. The barrel tip is pretty much the same. Everything else on the concept art, the trooper uniforms ect ect are golden, i just wish the cannon looked a little different.

    What i would love more than another tri-pod support weapon would be a real artillary piece, the kind of howitzers you see on the battlefield today. Id hate for the only artillary pieces they get to be mounted on gigantic vehicles (though that would still be cool),

  22. Women please! Let’s not stick to the old paradigm of ‘men only’. I’d like to see a mixed force of women and men!


  23. @ neldoreth, these are HUMANS, you want women in your army play Space Elves 😉

  24. I echo neldoreth: women please. Lets see a gender mixed force. Saying people who want mixed armies should stick to dark eldar seems a bit off the mark.

  25. very cool but i agree a mixed army would be gd but very difficalt to pull of right with out making it very bad

  26. Red Square Bear January 18, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Defiance games does female troopers quite well: they have female heads (but that’s about it) rather than the sort of double D basketballs that would make standing (much less fighting) impossible which seem to predominate in wargaming fan’s minds.

    I think that Mantic should be realistic about scale. Realistic in that they should recognize that the vast vast vast majority of these models will never be used with a Mantic ruleset.

    You can make your own super-new car line with ultra cool air filters, or you can make air filters that fit in other cars. The first option might make your pride feel better, the second option will make your bank balance feel better.

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