Dwarf King's Hold: The Series

We pin down Jake to talk about Dwarf King’s Hold ahead of the Ancient Grudge Blog Week starting on the 5th December – a week dedicated to the new expansion to this popular range of board games.


  1. It is a fascinating game that Dwarf King’s Hold. I may buy it in the near future. I have so many other minis that I want to paint first though. It is not so much a limitation of money but rather a limitation of the time available to paint miniatures. I really want to paint everything I own. I don’t like gaming with unpainted grey minis. I just bought 250 some undead models. I am so eager to paint those.

  2. Joshua – that’s a very laudable aim. Probably impossible, but very laudable 🙂

    It’s always so much easier to buy 250 extra models than it is to paint them all…

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