Worthy Painting's Forge Fathers

Following on from their visit to Mantic Towers, Nick from Worthy Painting dropped us a line to let us know they’ve finished painting the Fate of the Forgestar set for Beasts of War. They’ve posted up a video, which you can watch below:

You can find more photos here. We think they look absolutely stunning and we can see more and more of you posting up photos of your armies on our Facebook page – we’re looking forwards to seeing more!


  1. I like the way they’ve shaded the Forge Fathers grey with what looks like a burgundy. Nice work.

  2. Nice Armies, both the Forge Fathers and Marauders.

  3. The Worthy Painting guy said he was disappointed that the Mantic models are the same scale as some other company’s. They are reasonably close but not exact. However I am not going to be able to bring myself to buy models that are the wrong scale. So from here on out I only buy from Mantic. It is shame they couldn’t get the scale right at the other company. The prices seem to be of a different scale as well. That is a whole different issue.

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