The Corporation Needs You

Welcome to Corporation Week – the build-up to Sunday’s Christmas Present from Mantic… the first unveiling of the Corporation, exclusive to our newsletter list.

Mantic Games Corporation-Troopers-1Mantic-Games-Corporation-Troopers-2

Over the week we’re going to take a good look at the Corporation, it’s background and the concepts behind the figures. On Sunday, provided you are signed up, you’ll get a newsletter from Mantic complete with pictures of the upcoming sculpts. Then, in January, we’ll have a second week dedicated to the Corporation as we delve into this new range in more detail. We’re even giving away a free Corporation Dossier in January on our newsletter – an insider Mantic document dedicated to the Corporation.

So get in line soldier – enlist here for your Corporation Christmas Present and keep checking back to the blog all this week for all things Corporation.


  1. Ok ok you got me with “The Corporation” ah Marines (not those hideous. unkillable man tanks from You know who) but sensible troopers fighting. and dying for corporation profits, which I like. And the rangers also look good can’t wait for insect like aliens (see District 9) yip looking good saw the Forge Father shorties from heavy gravity worlds and they and t
    he Marauders are pretty good but the “Corps”. Is what I am looking forward to. The heavy “suits” should be like an “ape suit” from Starship Trooper with a slightly heavier trooper with Clam shell armoring for a harder nut to crack, hope it goes that way but the standard troop types are looking very good. Cheers

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