I think Ronnie has kick-started our Kings of War week off with a great foundation – the game isn’t going anywhere and is only going to get bigger!

We’ve teased through some of the concept art for the Goblins and Twilight Kin in our new releases section, which has been updated with all of February’s advance orders (and look out for more on March’s Corporation releases coming very soon, like next week soon!).

So, in that vein, we have a feasts of concept art for you, starting with the Goblins…

These are concepts for the new metal Goblin Spearmen unit… Of course, these aren’t the first Goblins we’ve done – the Goblin Sneek in the Krudger’s Gang and the Goblin and Mawbeast blister released this week are both excellent we think.

Goblin-and-MawbeastGoblin and Mawbeast

We’ve just received some new Goblin shots in fact so we’ll be posting these up this week. Check back tomorrow where we will have more on the Twilight Kin Assassin and a new Twilight Kin video!


  1. Why are the Goblin Spearmen made in metal? 🙁

  2. I would imagine (and hope) that they are metal at the moment, but will make the switch to plastic/resin at some point- it being more important to get them out on the market. This would also explain the price, as when in restic, there’ll be 20 instead of 10 😉

  3. Need those Goblins!

  4. Just like they did with wraiths…

  5. Looking forward to seeing some new goblin shots as well as more for the Corporation.

    Time is flying! These will be out before we know it. : )

  6. It’s great that Mantic are so busy bringing out brilliant new products but it’s all happening so fast that we collectors can’t keep up!
    As soon as I buy a new product my bank balance says NOOO you can’t buy anything more for a while – Make and paint what you’ve got first!

    However I have a plea – please don’t go down the route of “they who can’t be named” by starting to out-grow our potential to grow with you – re-releases and replacing products constantly was the reason to come over to Mantic

  7. Nice designs…………. wrong choice of material!!! These need to be in plastic.

  8. Agree with what others have said. If you are not in a position to release these as plastic or restic then should they be released at all? Doesn’t it fly in the face of Mantic Games “Big In Miniatures” ethos.

    “Mantic’s wargaming figures are the most affordable fantasy battle miniatures around”

    Well that’s not really true lets take Twilight Kin to get twenty I need 35.98 for a metal plastic hybrid, not all metal, looking at a gw equivalent 16 warriors in plastic for 20pounds style differences to one side I am just not sure I understand the point of releasing either of these products at this time.

    I think they are lovely miniatures but I don’t know many people interested in hybrid kits today if there are alternatives. I love my Abyssal Dwarfs but they were a labour of love and any one not experienced in modelling would rue the day they picked up a Mantic hybrid kit.

    Again to be clear they are nice models nothing wrong with their aesthetics or form It just feels like these are being released for the sake of releasing something.

    Keep up the good work.

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