Project Pandora: Counters

Project Pandora: Grim Cargo features an innovative dice-driven combat mechanism which requires the expenditure of action tokens to be able to perform their various abilities. There are also other non-action specific tokens that highlight things like Flares, Objectives, Darkness and Ammunition.

Tears of Envy produced all of the artwork for these tokens, which you can see below…

Mission – Medicine


Mission – Hazard


Corporation – Three x Fire Actions


Of course, it wouldn’t be the 8th Race without a mystery token…


… and no, that’s not us messing around, both the Corporation and 8th Race get a Special Token denoted by the humble Question Mark!

Let us know what you think so far down below!


  1. I guess the next post will be about the dices found in the box…

    Stop this and post the 8th race pictures !


  2. That’s a great idea Philippe!

  3. What is there to say? It seems like a very cool game, one can never go wrong with the horror aspect.
    I do hope you guys make this game avaible at all times so it does not become a “limited” edition thing like a certain….other company did.

  4. If the corporation have ‘fire actions’ does this mean they also have movement actions as well or is movement part of the ‘fire action’? Its looking very good by the way, I cannot wait!

  5. I like those tokens. Seeing these tokens makes me curious about the game mechanics they are used for. I wonder what the mystery token does. What does the hazard token do?

  6. @Andreas: Project Pandora is here to stay.

    @ Joshua Mann: we’re also wondering what the mystery token does – Jake won’t tell us!

  7. @Mantic: Maybe it’s a “Fishmen ambush” card. :p

  8. TOE art is sooooo clean. Simple yet subtle in the shiny metalic space zone

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