Project Pandora: Veer-myn Night-crawlers

We don’t talk about the 8th Race – except for today. Just this once we’re going to tell you who the 8th Race are. The first 8th Race models feature in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo ahead of the full army launch. This is the story of the Veer-myn:

When did the common rat, most common of pests throughout the history of the human race, develop into this new race? Nobody knows the answer to this, but for sure it must have something to do with the first, clunky and massive cargo ships that moved wares from system to system as humanity begun to trade amongst the stars. Maybe it was the radiation leaks of poorly shielded nuclear reactors, or the cosmic rays generated by stellar activity in some distant system, or even the alien chemical cocktails that might have mixed from the many spills during transportation incidents in remote outposts of the galaxy. Whatever caused the change, the common rat eventually evolved into a larger, bipedal form with opposable thumbs and a cunning sort of primitive intelligence, combined with the natural gift for survival and amazing reproductive capacity of the original species.

UnknownWork in Progress Veer-myn Night-Crawler Champion

This new race of scavenging space-vermin began to live in the vast bowels of all large space ships, regardless of the race they belonged to. It goes without saying that the Veer-myn soon also begun to infest the sewers and ventilation ducts of the sprawling mega-cities, and the gigantic underground bases and artificial colonies built by many races throughout the galaxy. It is said that no matter where you are in the Milky Way, you’re never more than a few meters from a Veer-myn – and that’s a very alarming thought. These normally secretive creatures have now spied the world above long enough to learn some of its science andlust for its wealth. More and more often, the chittering hordes of rat-creatures, armed to the teeth with scavenged weaponry they have ‘adapted’ to their needs, emerge from the bowels of spacecrafts and settlements alike in an attempt to seize them and enslave the ‘folk above’.

Unknown-5Work in Progress Veer-myn Night-Crawler

The photos above of the new figures are WIP shots from Remy’s workdesk. These are the Veer-myn Nightcrawlers – the basic “grunts’ in the Veer-myn army.

The Veer-myn will again be seen later in March as we look at the painted models for Project Pandora and what other units are coming out for this enigmatic race.

Drop us your comments below and we’ll see you all next week for more Corporation!

PS Happy Birthday Ethan!


  1. Looking good. Interested to see how they pan out. Also, will there be a version for K.O.W??

  2. Rats in space – can it get any better!

  3. the first sculpt is nice, and looks plenty ratty, but the second reminds me more if the PP farrow. he looks a little piggy .

  4. These Veer-myn models look fantastic.

    My son and I cannot wait until Project Pandora: Grim Cargo comes out.

  5. Interesting…… a new possibility in sci-fi games

    I wonder also if you have plan for a super tecnological race in your hat….

  6. First you bring back the Squats then you invent Space Skaven – BRILLIANT! Thank you!

  7. Based on that fluff text. Rats fit much better into a science fiction setting, than in a fantasy setting.

    I really love the fluff Mantic is putting out lately and these miniatures are of great detail! Also they look full of life, I hope there are enough different bodies, so they don’t look uniform and exactly the same as a disciplined army should look, but rather like a mix and match random monster horde.

    God I cannot wait for the ZZ’OR (Along with a name change)

    Very well done, I wish you the best. Hopefully the miniature line will be successfull!

  8. Great stuff guys!

    how many will be in the Project Pandora box?

  9. If the rats are too uniformed I’ll just buy skaven and las weapons… I hope there’s at least a few more positions they can be in because I was very disappointed with my forge fathers and the fact that almost 1 out of every 2 dudes looks the same…

  10. Wow. So we have some rat people in space. That’s cool. I thought sure that they were going to be like the creatures from Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens movies. I totally guessed wrong. It makes sense that rat people would be hidden in a large star ship.

  11. Im still waiting for orx rifle grunts but rifle armed ratmen will do to! I just hope the sprues will look more like the fantasy skeletons (lots of variety and options) then the forgefather steel warriors sprue (2 upper bodies, 2 lower and 4 combinations…).
    Keep up the good work mantic and take your time to get it right!

  12. Now where did I put that number for Rent-o-kill???

  13. Rats… in Space! Looks great, can’t wait for Project Pandora.

  14. You get 10 Night-crawlers Mortis 🙂

  15. These look great! Always a fan of the rodents since I first read of the mighty Reepicheep. The fluff of mutant rats from the bowels of human technology really speaks to me. Well done, guys.
    I sort of hope there is at least one who is a neat freak rat, looking all posh and proper, at least in his own mind.

  16. Thankyou for listening to what people have been asking for years

  17. Just a suggestion: till now your game lacks a strong BG story and structure: we have to imagine the look of other races, interactions between them and corporation / humankind.
    I suggest you to start producing articles in which you develop BG and stories, in order to attract fans and build THE STORY of your universe.
    It’s very important for a new game-in progress.
    Please present the other races, at least as concept and starting presentation, in order to amply our vision!

  18. Agree on the variety, it’s one of the reason I love the zombies, you can make a very organic looking formation. Rats should be the same lots of movement is the poses.

  19. I agree with Fabrizio! Over at Warseer I posted some tidbits Mr. Cavatore told me and as you can see the actual fluff of the Warpath universe is highly admired throughout the whole community. I know we have to be patient since worlds don’t get created over night.

    I just wanted to point out that the community in facts loves the fluff produced so far and is very curious to hear the rest.

  20. You did it men! I love them!;)

    Yeah;) Rats in spaaaaace;)

  21. Terrific! I’ve wanted rats in space for 20+ years and at last Mantic has taken the reins. Definitely howling over this!

  22. Wow, not so good.
    hmm, more I think about, they are really bad. Very bad…..

  23. @Joshua Mann

    “It makes sense that rat people would be hidden in a large star ship.”

    Really??? Thanks for that you made my morning!

  24. like-like …..

  25. I love the idea of space rats! But you killed the space dwarves for me by covering so much of their faces and taking away the dwarvish character for too many of them. I hope the rat with the mask that makes him look like a pig is not common, ditto for the other one. Stop covering the faces please! I want space rats not rat shaped human gangsters.

  26. Space skaven? Here I was actually hoping for something new and original. Sigh, oh well, I guess no one has really done space skaven before so I’ll give Mantic points for that at least.

  27. @Shadowdragon

    You want “something new and original”, how about something that “no one has really done”? 😛

  28. Darn… I was hoping they would do fish-men next 🙁

  29. After all I’ve said about [animal]man races, my opinion of this race should surprise no one: I dislike them.

    They’re not even a /new/ race of furries, just a new line of Clan Skyre skaven. One difference though: the weird body shape – with the shoulders parallel to or above the eyeline instead of giving them a more natural curve to the spine – means that once again you’ve screwed with the anatomy instead of the concept.

  30. They look great but… space rats? Really?
    I would have preferred giant bugs. Overused, maybe, but classic.

  31. Cool. Nice work on the background, look forward to seeing the finished products.

  32. Looking good 🙂 Cant’ wait to see how the whole project pans out 😀

  33. OK, now you’ve really got my attention. Everything I’ve seen so far from Warpath looks nice enough, but so far nothing has really “grabbed” me. But seeing as how my Shockforce Gothrats are among my favored minis, I’m really looking forward to seeing how these guys pan out. You just may have added another player to your ranks.

  34. good concept for a board game, i wouldnt develop them more then that though as the fluff wouldnt hold for an organised race. dunno, i like fantasy more then sci-fi anyway …

  35. These are excellent! If I could grin any wider the top of my head would fall off. A scavenger race that pick over the waste of more developed cultures, where every shadow holds a jealous beady stare… the concept works really well. If they do manage the degree of versatility that the zombie sprues allowed, then I think you’re onto a winner

  36. Get serious guys what is their hero the mighty mouse or mickey mouse and the corporation use the ultimate weapon rat trapp. Far more better was a bug race or something total different like new race tottaly alien with 4 hands 3 finger i thing you have new ideas not new look in old races very bad for i company wants to win a good place in the market, maybe if you made a poll about what people want to see before this rat burger race.

  37. Quite a bit dissapointed. yet another fantasy line in space, like the horribly fantasy “orx” line. maybe if you ditched all the overly gw skaven styled gear and ditched the hunched back anatomy you’d have something decent looking.

    this looks no diferent than buying a plastic box of gw skaven and glueing laser guns to there hands.

    second one looks like a pig/boar man form teh waist up.

  38. I think the ratmen are great, i want them. Super concept, and a great start to what I hope will be a long, varied and highly successful line of products. Keep up the great work guys.

  39. I have been playing a Skaven Counts-As-Tyranids army for 2 years now, so am overjoyed at the prospect of more space rat models! Pandora definitely on my shopping list, along with main army releases!

    If anyone is interested, I did an article on my Skavenids (not a blog!):

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