Show Time

Another wargames show, another fantastic weekend!


This weekend saw Ronnie over at the Milan toy fair, showing off in the flesh the new Corporation models. As you can imagine they were very popular.


You can see them next at Salute!

There was many demo games of Warpath and Kings of War, and Dr Alex’s lovely undead army on display, of which the skeleton unit won a golden orcy (also on display), and we will be back in Italy later in the year for Lucca in November.

To allow you all to plan here are some upcoming dates for your diaries…

– Salute: 21st April

– UK Games Expo: May 25th and 27th

– Triples: May 19th and 20th


  1. Lovely indeeed and also a very cool and huge opportunity for me to catch Ronnie and ask him “politely” many questions 😉

    And I’m very proud of being able to say: never met a company representative manager so happy, brilliant and cheerful 😀

    Thank you from the west of Italy… see you on the new Mantic forum XD

  2. I miss the expo in Milan, i live near the town, but i was away for job reason.
    Hope to see one day another expo near here 🙂

  3. Best wishes to all the Mantic fans in Italy!

  4. Nice fair and great demos!
    Thank you Ronnie for answering our huge amount of questions 😀

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