Win a free Warhost!

Do you have a local store that you just wished carried Mantic Games range of affordable quality miniatures and games? Well, announced in the newsletter last week, we’re looking for new stores to carry our wares, and we need your help!

All you have to do is submit the name of the store (website address would be much appreciated too) and if they take the range, you’ll win yourself a free Warhost.


Undead Warhost – 50 Miniatures including Skeletons, Revenants and Ghouls, and one Warmachine with Crew

We’ve already been inundated with requests over the weekend but we want more – get in touch at [email protected]!


  1. You should try Fun Again Games ( in Ashland Oregon they are one of the only games shops in the small college community with no games workshop or privateer press presence….

  2. Oops… That website was

  3. I would liket this store to start selling your products, as I feel it would be good for your sales

  4. I think Fanboy3 in Manchester need more persuading.
    And i know for a fact that Fil at Fanboy3 loves the corp!

  5. The promise of free minis just inspires endless greed. I am not salivating on my keyboard, really I’m not.

  6. I have 2 local stores that I do not think carry your product regularly.

    Game Empire, San Diego, CA, USA
    I’ve seen the Kings of War game (1 copy) on their shelves, but not much else from Mantic.

    At Ease Games, Poway, CA, USA
    At Ease specializes in carrying all miniatures from all sorts of lines, like bane legions, Avatars of War, etc, but I don’t think they have Mantic.

  7. Foo Chee Guan March 8, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Name of Store: Paradigm Infinitum

  8. I think my FLGS would love this. They are currently picking up several new miniature lines. Hopefully, they’ll pick this up.

  9. valhallas gate would love to carrier this product line

  10. Amorous Armadillo –
    Paladin Tech and Games –

  11. Total Escape Games in Broomfield CO

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