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The rats are rampaging at the moment as the Veer-myn set to launch in May.

Coming later in the year, we’ve got two upgrade kits – one that allows you to build the Stalkers, and the other a brand new unit called the Scourgers. These will be added to the army lists shortly.

Stalkers forsake medium-to-long ranged weaponry for pistols and close combat weapons:


Scourgers are Nightmares that have swapped their close-combat equipment for longer-ranged Chemlasers – powerful chemical weapons capable of devastating armour.


These two upgrade kits, whilst not available until later in the year, are both included in our pre-launch army deals, the best way to amass huge amounts of Veer-myn quickly. The Night Terror Mega Army for instance – besides already including 40 Night-Crawlers and 30 Nightmares, also contains the extra upgrade kits to build an additionals 20 Stalkers and 10 Scourgers. That’s 101 miniatures when you add the fact that you also get a Veer-myn Night-Spawn.

These kits will also be included in Part 3 of our Mantic Elite deals.

Let us know what you think of the new figures and the deals below!


  1. Awesome!!! I got them coming in a couple of weeks!!! They look freakin’ amazing!!!!

  2. They look great. I am looking forward to picking up some of those.

    Just to note, the left arm on the miniature shown in the sixth photo seems to have come unstuck from the figures body. You might want to fix that 🙂

  3. Horay for space rats!

  4. Cheetor – his gun is just so heavy for his feeble arms!!!!

    thanks for the tip.

  5. This looks awesome, definitely going to start in this game as Veer-myn.

  6. Melinda Jane Kellogg: stalker!

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